DQSD Searches

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1 Computers alistapart.xml A List Apart Search the A List Apart site.
alistapart unordered list

2 Computers allpod.xml AllPodcasts Enter your RSS feed URL to ping a broad array of pod-aggregating directories.
3 Computers anah.xml Analyze HTTP Headers HTTP Header Analysis
anah http://12pointdesign.com/

4 Computers anthelp.xml Ant Task help pages Display Ant Task help pages.
/core [default] - Lookup help page for a core task
/optional - Lookup help page for an optional task
anthelp copyfile
anthelp /opt ftp

5 Computers arin.xml ARIN Whois Database Search Search the Arin Whois database at www.arin.net/whois

6 Computers aspfaq.xml Active-Server-Pages FAQ Search the Active Server Pages Frequently Asked Questions online database

If you know your Transact-SQL, you can use characters like % and _ to enhance your search. If you are searching for those literal characters, please enclose them in [square brackets]. There is no special condition for +/- or quote characters - they will simply be a part of the search.

There are no "noise" words configured. Searches for 'a' or '%' will result in a large resultset. Choose words that are likely to return a match.
# - Open this ASPFAQ article number directly
/any - Match any word
/exact - Match exact phrase
/match Default Match all words
/day - Articles updated in the last day
/week - Articles updated in the last week
/month - Articles updated in the last month
/all Default Search all categories
/db - Search only the database category
/comps - Search only the components category
/forms - Search only the forms category
/files - Search only the filesystem category
/email - Search only the emailcategory
/dates - Search only the dates category
/gen - Search only the general category
/x - Use 'abstract' results
aspfaq /db 80004005
aspfaq /email timeout
aspfaq /gen remote page
aspfaq 2195
aspfaq dynamic include
aspfaq enterprise manager

7 Computers atech.xml AnandTech Hardware analysis and news. Search for articles or for user posts on the forums. Searches for articles by default.
/subject - Search forums by subject.
/author - Search forums by author.
atech cpu
atech motherboard /subject

8 Computers ausr.xml AusRegistry WHOIS for australian domains
9 Computers autolink.xml Auto Linker This tool uses the Yahoo and Google APIs to link significant words and phrases from a text you provide.
/nofollow - Include the 'nofollow' attribute on links
/yahoo - Use the Yahoo API
/google - Use the Google API

10 Computers b64.xml Base64 Encoder/Decoder Base64 encode/decode
/encode (default) - Encode
/decode - Decode

11 Computers banyg.xml YahooGroups Ban-Bot Ban email addresses from your YahooGroups
email address [default] email address(es) to ban
/ban [default] or strYahooBanRem Ban the addresses requested
/remove - Remove the addresses requested
/y, /id strYahooID YahooID
/pwd strYahooPwd Yahoo Password
/lists, /groups strYahooGroups YahooGroups to ban/remove addresses from
banyg scumbag@example.com
banyg scumbag@example.com /ban
banyg scumbag@example.com /g dqsd /y myId /p password
banyg scumbag@example.com /ban
banyg /rem
banyg scumbag@example.com /rem
banyg scumbag@example.com theotherscumbag@example.com

12 Computers bn.xml Borland Newsgroups Search the Borland Newsgroup Database. Results are sorted by rank and article.
/thread - Sort results by thread instead of by article.
/date - Sort results by date instead of by rank.
bn delphi 7
bn jbuilder linux kde /date /thread

13 Computers bshots.xml Browsershots Generates screenshots of a webpage from various different operating systems and browsers.
bshots http://mozilla.org/firefox/
bshots http://reliableanswers.com/

14 Computers bta.xml BetaNews Find out about public releases of beta software. Numeric parameters list most recent betas while string parameters search for betas containing that string.
beta 200
beta mp3

15 Computers cachea.xml cacheability Engine Query Determines cacheability of a webpage and the pages it links to
/extras - Include links to cacheability for extra links
cachea http://12pointdesign.com/
cachea http://www.microsoft.com/

16 Computers checkdns.xml CheckDNS CheckDNS provides realtime DNS analysis for domain and server problems
checkdns microsoft.com

17 Computers colorss.xml ColorCombos ColorCombos.com was built to help web developers quickly select and test color combinations.
[color] - Test this color
[url] - Obtain color combinations from URL
/test - Open the combo tester
colorss aqua
colorss http://www.google.com
colorss /test

18 Computers cp.xml CodeProject (CP) Search CodeProject for source code, samples and tutorials
/a - Search for authors.
/t - Search in titles.
/d - Search in descriptions.
/k - Search for keywords.
cp Saurwein /a

19 Computers cpan.xml Comprehensive Perl Archive Network Search CPAN for Perl software. Searches for modules by default.
/author - Search for authors.
/distribution - Search for distributions.
/documentation - Search for distribution documentation.
/new - View recent additions to CPAN.
cpan wrap
cpan wall /author
cpan /new

20 Computers cpp.xml C/C++ Reference Search cppreference.com
cpp function()

21 Computers crax.xml Astalavista Search Astalavista for software cracks and patches.
crax DQSD

22 Computers ct.xml Content Type Listings Search the Content-Type Listings from Reliable Answers.com
ct zip
ct mxp

23 Computers defpass.xml Big Bertha Says: Default Passwords Huge default password database for hardware and software of all genres.
defpass wrt54g
defpass oracle /man
defpass apple /man

24 Computers dg.xml DynaGen Domain Search DynaGen will find variations of domain names for any word or domain name.
[/com] - (default) Search all TLDs (.com,.net,.org)
/com - Search .com TLD
/net - Search .net TLD
/org - Search .org TLD
dg glenncarr
dg glenncarr /com /net

25 Computers dl.xml CNET Download.com Search CNET's shareware archive for Windows software. (By the way, it wouldn't hurt if you felt like posting a positive review of this product there.)
dl Dave's Quick Search

26 Computers dmda.xml DevelopMentor List Archives Search the discuss.develop.com archives. Adapted from Glenn Carr's msda.xml.
One of the following is required:
/atl - Search the ATL list (migrated from Microsoft in October 2002)
/dotnet - Search the DOTNET list
/dotnet-clr - Search the DOTNET-CLR list
/oledb - Search the OLEDB_DEV list
/soap - Search the SOAP list

/author - Restrict your search to messages posted by a particular person
/since - Search for messages only since the specified date
/until - Search for messages only before the specified date
dmda /soap bath /since:2000 - Search the SOAP list for the word 'bath' since 1-Jan-2000

27 Computers dns.xml DNSStuff.com Perform a wide variety of DNS lookups.
/rep - DNS Report - Finds lots of common DNS problems. (Enter domain name)
/timing - DNS Timing - See how long your DNS servers take to respond (Enter domain/host name)
/whois - WhoIS - Lists contact info for a domain/IP. (Enter domain name or IP)
/spam - SPAM DB - See if a mail server is listed in ORBZ, ORDB, etc.. (Enter host name or IP)
/rev - Reverse DNS - See if your IP has a reverse DNS entry. (Enter host name or IP)
/ipwhois - IP Whois. - Lists contact info for an IP (or domain). (Enter host name or IP)
/netgeo - NetGEO - Shows geographical location of an IP (or domain). (Enter host name or IP)
/dns - DNS (default) - Look up a DNS record (Enter domain/host name)
/tracert - TraceRt - Traces the route packets take to this host. (Enter host name or IP)
/ping - Ping - Shows how long it takes for packets to reach a host (Enter host name or IP)
/cidr - CIDR - Shows the CIDR profile for an IP or CIDR block (Enter IP or IP/CIDR)
dns /rep
dns microsoft.com /timing
dns adclick.net /whois
dns adclick.net /spam
dns /rev
dns /cidr
dns /cidr /tracert /spam /ipwhois

28 Computers domdb.xml DomainsDB DomainsDB is one of the top domain aggregating resources on the 'net, providing up to 500 results for each query under simple (free) registration. If you have an account set the 'domdbuser' and 'domdbpass' variables in your localprefs.js file and use 'domdb /login' before making your requests in order to ensure that you make the most of your queries.
domdb ns1.12pointdesign.com
domdb /login
domdbuser - Username associated with your account
domdbpass - Password associated with your account

29 Computers dqsd.xml DQSD Mail Archive Search the mail archives for Dave's QuickSearch Deskbar (DQSD). The search engine only seems to work for single words. To get results, limit your search to a single word. Searches the users mail archive, by default.
dqsd search-word [/users|/devel/announce]
/users - Users mailing list
/developers - Developers mailing list
/announcements - Annoucements
dqsd .xml
dqsd froogle
dqsd bug /announce
dqsd args /devel

30 Computers dragondb.xml DragonSoft Vulnerability DataBase DragonSoft Vulnerability DataBase includes CVE and other indices of security and popular tracking for software vulnerability assessment.
31 Computers dseek.xml Downseek Search the DownSeek software search engine
dseek sygate

32 Computers dyndns.xml DynDns.org
/password -
dyndns /pass:mypass myuser
dyndnsUsername - define this variable in your localprefs.js and you don't need to specify the username every time.

33 Computers evolt.xml Evolt Articles
/all - Search All Categories
/backend - Backend
/code - Code
/society - Commentary & Society
/commnews - Community News
/usability - IA/Usability
/jobs - Jobs
/news - News
/reviews - Reviews & Links
/sitedev - Site Development
/software - Software
/suggest - Suggestions
/design - Visual Design
/faq - evolt.org FAQ

34 Computers fd.xml Foldoc Free On-Line dictionary of computing.
fd xhtml

35 Computers fe.xml The File Extension Source Lookup the meaning of Windows/DOS file extensions.
fe {[a..z] | num | sym | extension}
[a..z] - list all extensions starting with this letter
num - list all extensions starting with numbers
sym - list all extensions starting with symbols
extension - show this particular extension
fe D
fe 8
fe sym
fe num
fe doc

36 Computers fm.xml Freshmeat.net Search open source projects on Freshmeat.net.
/projects - Projects
/articles - Articles
/comments - Comments
fm php graph

37 Computers guidgen.xml GUID Generator Generate a GUID using the scriptlet.typelib ActiveX component.
/dotnet - Generate a .NET compatible guid string
guidgen /d

38 Computers hs.xml HotScripts.com Search for code snippets in a multitude of programming languages. Searches all languages by default.
/new - New listings
/asp - ASP
/.net /net - ASP.net
/c /c++ - C and C++
/cfml /cf - Cold Fusion
/flash /fla - Flash
/java - Java
/javascript /js - JavaScript
/php - PHP
/perl /pl - Perl
/python /py - Python
/remotehosts /remote /rem - Remote Hosts
/tools /utils - Tools and Utilities
/xml - XML
hs parse /javascript
hs window /js
hs cart /net
hs /new

39 Computers htmlh.xml HTML Help Search www.htmlhelp.com.
htmlh font

40 Computers hv.xml Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer See exactly what an HTTP request returns to your browser.
hv www.dqsd.net

41 Computers infosec.xml Information Security The authority in security news, insight and analysis.
infosec XP vulnerabilities

42 Computers iphunt.xml IP Hunt Search the web by IP address or hostname
iphunt microsoft.com

43 Computers j2.xml JavaScript-2.com Searches 8,000+ free JavaScript codes offered by the top JavaScript code libraries.
j2 menu
j2 form validation
j2 popup window

44 Computers jd.xml Javadoc.org Search Search Sun's JDK Javadoc. Uses Javadoc.org.
jd HashMap

45 Computers jdk.xml JDK Javadoc Search Search Sun's JDK Javadoc. Uses Google.
/1.1 - Version 1.1 JDK
/1.2 - Version 1.2 JDK
/1.3 - Version 1.3 JDK
/1.4 - Version 1.4 JDK (default)
/1.5 - Version 1.5 JDK
/all - Search all of java.sun.com
/api - Java API documentation list
/j2ee - J2EE documentation
/jls - Java language specification
/jvm - Java VM specification
/tutorial - Java language tutorial
jdk HashMap /1.3
jdk catch /tutorial

46 Computers jsref.xml Javascript reference Search references of various flavors of Javascript.
jsref <item> [/reference] [/unlucky]
Note: if <item> is empty, the search leads to the appropriate reference page.
/reference - Search one of the following references:
The ones that use Google (they take you directly to the page):
1.3 - 1.3 Netscape version
1.4 - 1.4 Netscape version
1.5 - 1.5 Netscape version
5.6 - 5.6 Microsoft version (default)
7 - .NET Microsoft version
The one that uses the MS search:
ms - Microsoft's latest version
/unlucky - Try this if you feel unlucky (only for Google-based switches)
jsref /1.3
jsref split
jsref split /1.5
jsref split /7
jsref logical or /unlucky
jsref abstract /7
jsref abstract /ms
jsref /1.3

47 Computers jsx.xml Execute Javascript Execute a javascript script.
jsx "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis".length
jsx alert("Hello world !")
jsx var info="Hello world !";alert(info)

48 Computers koders.xml Koders.com Search the extensive source code database on Koders.com
[search] Search for this line/term
/asp ASP language
/c C language
/cs C# language
/cpp CPP language
/delphi DELPHI language
/fortran FORTRAN language
/java JAVA language
/javascript JAVASCRIPT language
/perl PERL language
/php PHP language
/python PYTHON language
/ruby RUBY language
/sql SQL language
/tcl TCL language
/vb VB language
/vb.net VB.NET language
/afl License: AFL
/apsl License: APSL
/asl License: ASL
/cpl License: CPL
/gpl License: GPL
/ibmpl License: IBMPL
/iosl License: IOSL
/lgpl License: LGPL
/mpl10 License: MPL10
/mpl11 License: MPL11
/osl License: OSL
/psfl License: PSFL
/spl License: SPL
/w3c License: W3C
/zll License: ZLL
/zpl License: ZPL
koders filesystemobject /asp /gpl
koders fopen
koders network /vb.net

49 Computers manpage.xml Linux man pages Search Linux man pages.
man <topic>
man crontab

50 Computers mg.xml MajorGeeks Search MajorGeeks.com for software.
/all - Search entire site.
/admin_tools - Search for Admin tools.
/all_in_one - Search for All In One tools.
/antivirus - Search for Anti-Virus tools.
/appearance - Search for tools to change the way Windows looks.
/backup - Search for Back-up tools.
/benchmarking - Search for Benchmarking tools.
/bios - Search for BIOS tools.
/browsers - Search for Browsers and Browser tools
/covert_ops - Search for Discovery and Reconnaissance
/diagnostics - Search for Diagnostic tools.
/drive_cleaners - Search for Drive Cleaning tools.
/drive_utils - Search for Drive utilities.
/driver_tools - Search for Driver tools.
/ergonomics - Search for Ergonomic tools.
/game_tweaks - Search for Game Tweak tools.
/input_devices - Search for Input Device tools.
/internet_tools - Search for Internet tools
/mail_utils - Search for Mail utilities
/memory - Search for Memory tools.
/monitoring - Search for Monitoring tools.
/news - Search for News.
/processor - Search for Processor tools.
/registry - Search for Registry tools.
/reviews - Search for Review information.
/security - Search for Security tools.
/spyware_tools - Search for Spyware tools.
/system_info - Search for System Information tools.
/video - Search for Video tools.
/misc - Search for Miscellaneous tools.
/off_base - Search for Off Base features.
/way_off_base - Search for Way Off Base features.
mg AntiVir
mg AntiVir /antivirus

51 Computers msda.xml Microsoft Discussion List Archive Search the discuss.microsoft.com archive
One of the following is required:
/atl - Search ATL list archives
/javacom - Search Java-COM list archives
/dcom - Search DCOM list archives

/substring - By default, searches will only match full words. But if you check the "substring search" box, your search will match any word containing the string you have entered.
/author - Restrict your search to messages posted by a particular person
/since - Search for messages only since the specified date.
/until - Search for messages only before the specified date
msda /atl /s tooltip /since:2002 - Search the ATL list for tooltip substrings since 1-Jan-2002

52 Computers msdn.xml Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Search for articles on the MSDN.
/library - Limits search to the MSDN Library.
msdn ocx
msdn iframes /library

53 Computers msk.xml Microsoft Knowledge Base Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base
/google - Use Google to search support.microsoft.com
msk Windows Bugs
msk q252795
msk Windows Bugs /google
msk q252795 /google

54 Computers mys.xml MySQL Reference Search the MySQL documentation available at mysql.com.
mysql create table

55 Computers nic.xml IEEE IEEE MAC address to company translator

Input at least the first six digits of the MAC address

nic 00-0D-56-10-20-30
nic 000D56

56 Computers ors.xml O'Reilly.com Search Search O'Reilly.com for articles, books, etc
/all [default] - All of O'Reilly.com
/art - Articles
/book - Books
/conf - Conferences
Dev Centers:
/apache - Apache Dev Center
/dotnet - .NET Dev Center
/java - Java Dev Center
/linux - Linux Dev Center
/moz - Mozilla Dev Center
/palm - Palm Dev Center
/php - PHP Dev Center
/perl - Perl Dev Center
/python - Python Dev Center
/soap - SOAP Dev Center
/webdev - Web Dev Center
/websevices - Web Services Dev Center
/wireless - Wireless Dev Center
/xml - XML Dev Center
ors php
ors /moz

57 Computers otn.xml Oracle Technology Network Search for articles and documentation on Oracle corporation's tech site.
otn jdbc
otn xml

58 Computers palmgear.xml PalmGear.com Search PalmGear.com for software.
/new - Show new items on PalmGear.com
/updated - Show updated items on PalmGear.com
palmgear aigo

59 Computers perldoc.xml Perldoc Search Search the online documentation for builtin functions from any released version of Perl. Defaults to version 5.8.0 (The newest release as of May 25 2003)
/perl5.8.0 - Search within Perl version 5.8.0
/perl5.6.1 - Search within Perl version 5.6.1
/perl5.6.0 - Search within Perl version 5.6.0
/perl5.005_03 - Search within Perl version 5.005_03
/perl5.004_05 - Search within Perl version 5.004_05
perldoc fileno
perldoc opendir /perl5.6.1
perldoc closedir /561
perldoc readdir /56

60 Computers php.xml PHP Reference Lookup on php.net.
/pear - Search PEAR packages
/smarty - Search Smarty manual
php fopen
php /s cycle
php /p DB

61 Computers phpb.xml PHPBuilder
/manual - PHP Manual
/mail - Mailing Lists
phpb isset
phpb mail /mail

62 Computers pinp.xml GeoPinpoint Get a Physical Location to an IP address.

63 Computers pl.xml Port Lookup SecurityStats TCP/UDP Port Search Utility - used to resolve port number info.
/desc - Search for description
/kw - Search for keyword
/port - Search for port number
pl /port 445 or
pl 445 - Lookup port 445
pl /desc Microsoft or
pl Microsoft - Search for 'Microsoft' among descriptions
pl /kw POP3 - Search for 'POP3' among service keywords

64 Computers pys.xml Python Search A Python Programming Specific Search Engine. Search the internet for results relevant to python programming.
65 Computers rfc.xml RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives
rfc search term /switch
/ref - Find references to search term. (default)
/rank - Find number of references to search term per document.
/rfc - Find RFCs with the search term.
/fyi - Find FYIs with the search term.
/bcp - Find BCPs with the search term.
/std - Find STDs with the search term.
/num - Go to the RFC with this number.
rfc 2022 /num
rfc POP3
rfc mom /fyi

66 Computers robtex.xml Robtex DNS and IP tools Find info about a hostname or an IP address.
67 Computers ror.xml Ruby on Rails Search Search Ruby on Rails
/api - Search the rails api
/archive - Search the Ruby Application Archive (RAA)
/blog - Search the rails blog
/capistrano - Goto Capistrano at capify.org
/core - Search the ruby core for class documentation
/documentation - Goto the main rails documentation page
/forge - Search RubyForge.org for projects
/forum - Search ruby-forum.com for message threads
/garden - Search rubygarden.org
/irc - Search the rubyonrails channel logs
/jobs - Search jobs.rubynow.com
/news - Goto rubyweeklynews.org
/ocs - Goto OCS ruby forums
/pastie - Search pastie.caboo.se
/planet - Goto PlanetRubyOnRails.org
/plugins - Search agilewebdevelopment.com plugins
/prototype - Search Prototype api/goto prototypejs.org
/refactormycode - Search refactormycode
/ruby - Goto ruby-lang.org
/scriptaculous - Search Scriptaculous api/goto script.aculo.us
/source - Goto ruby on rails download page
/stdlib - Search the ruby stdlib for class documentation
/ticket - Goto ruby on rails ticket (patch)
/weenie - Search rails weenie
/wiki - Search the wiki for rails topics
ror /api

68 Computers rw.xml Ripe Whois Database Search the Ripe Whois Database for IP addresses
rw <domain>
rw dqsd.net

69 Computers rxlib.xml RegExLib.com search Search the RegExLib Library of Regular Expressions.
/cs - Go directly to the cheat-sheet.
/test - Go directly to the RegEx Tester.
/add - Go directly to the RegEx 'Add' page.
/rx - RegEx substring (ex; \d, [a-f], )
/page:number 20 Results paging - defaults to 20.
/all [default] Return results with any rating.
/bad - Return results rated 'bad' or better.
/poor - Return results rated 'poor' or better.
/avg - Return results rated 'average' or better.
/good - Return results rated 'good' or better.
/best - Return results rated 'best' or better.
rxlib zip /page:10
rxlib /cs

70 Computers sams.xml Sam Spade Whois Utility Check internet addresses using SamSpade.org: "sams amazon.com"
71 Computers sarc.xml sarc Searches the Symantec AntiVirus Research Corp (SARC) site.
[search] Search for this term
/advisories SARC Advisories
/scan SARC Scan
/tools SARC Removal Tools
/us Limit results to United States
/americas Limit results to Americas (excluding US)
/japan Limit results to Japan
/asia Limit results to Asia Pacific
/east Limit results to Europe, Middle East and Africa
/product Search Product Updates
/kb Search Knowledge Base
/virus Search Viruses, Trojan horses, Worms and Macros
/vulnerabilities Search Vulnerabilities and Exploits
/enterprise Search Enterprise Products
/pc Search Home Computing Products
/smallbiz Search Small Business Products
/xsp Search xSP's and Carrier Solutions
sarc whatever

72 Computers sbase.xml Senderbase SenderBase email statistics aggregation
sbase example.com

73 Computers sf.xml Sourceforge.net Search or go to open source projects on SourceForge.net.
/cvs - Browse project's CVS repository
/svn - Browse project's SVN repository
/dloads - Browse project's downloadable files
/exact - Require all words in when searching
/list[:admin] - Display list info or admin page
/new - New Releases
/project - Project's summary page
/status - Site Status
sf itext
sf itext java /exact
sf /proj dqsd
sf /cvs dqsd
sf /svn dqsd
sf /list dqsd-users
sf /status

74 Computers sqlt.xml SQLTeam.com SQL server reference search.
sqlt create table

75 Computers sscore.xml SiteScore Silktide SiteScore is a powerful page diagnostic tool for web developers
sscore mozilla.org/firefox/

76 Computers surfc.xml SurfControl SurfControl Filter Testing and Submission enables you to verify whether a site is categorized in their most recent filters. After testing a site, you can choose to submit the site for review.
surfc dqsd.net
surfc mozilla.org

77 Computers thelist.xml Evolt thelist Archives Search evolt.org's thelist archives.
thelist <topic>
thelist computer

78 Computers thw.xml Tom's Hardware Search Articles at Tom's Hardware.com
thw <what> [/category:<category>]
/category - Narrow your search to one of the following categories:
all - all categories (default)
mainboard - IMainboard
cpu - ICPU
graphic - IGraphic
display - IDisplay
video - IAudio/Video
storage - IStorage
network - INetwork
mobile - IMobile Devices
consumer - IPeripherals & Consumer
howto - IHowTo
business - IBusiness
thw abit
thw duron /category:mainboard

79 Computers tldp.xml The Linux Documentation Project Search The Linux Documentation Project
tldp ppp
tldp ldap

80 Computers tucows.xml Tucows Downloads Search freeware and shareware at tucows.com.
tucows editplus

81 Computers tw.xml TechWeb Encyclopedia TechEncyclopedia More than 20,000 IT terms
tw xpath

82 Computers txp.xml tweakxp.com Search the tweak database on tweakxp.com
txp desktop

83 Computers ulwhois.xml WhoIs.Userland.Com Get whois information from WhoIs.Userland.Com
ulwhois dqsd.net

84 Computers unip.xml Uniplus DNS Dig on a DNS address
unip yahoo.com
unip email.com /MX

85 Computers validate.xml W3C HTML Validator Validate an HTML page. Examples: "validate http://www.metrocast.net/~peteh/toolbar.html"
86 Computers vbsx.xml VB Script Performs Visual Basic Script code interpretation.
vbsx [?][:][=][!]vb-script
? - Return value is to appear in DQSD, like the Debug Window of Visual Basic
= - Return value is to replace the text in DQSD, like using Debug.Clear before Debug.Print in Visual Basic
: - Return value is to be placed on the clipboard
! - Return value is popped in a message box
Supporting Functions:
ClipBoardSetText( sText ) Places sText, a text value, onto the clipboard
ClipBoardGetText() Obtains the clipboard text data
DebugClear() Clears the debug window
DebugPrint( sText ) Print data to the debug window, without replacing current content
JoinTo( sArray, ToIndex, Seperator ) 'Join's an array to the specified index
RX( sRegEx, sString ) Tests a Regular Expression against a string, returning all matches
- ...add more by editing vbsx.xml to include additional functions within the vbscode <textarea>
vbsx msgbox("hi")
vbsx !"hi"
vbsx ?Replace("This ugly text", "ugly ", "")
vbsx ClipBoardSetText Replace(ClipBoardGetText, vbCrLf, " ")
vbsx ClipBoardSetText UCase(ClipBoardGetText)

87 Computers vir.xml Virus Bulletin Independent Anti-Virus Advice
vir klez

88 Computers wa.xml WebAttack Search WebAttack for shareware and freeware.
wa Spam Weasel
wa get rid of spam

89 Computers webm.xml Webmonkey Webmonkey search.
webm ethernet

90 Computers webopedia.xml Webopedia Seach the weboopedia for technical terms and links
webopedia HTTP

91 Computers wgn.xml Windows Guide Network Search Windows Guide Network for technical resources and support to tweak, manage and secure the Windows operating system.
/all - Search All Sections.
/articles - Search Article Library.
/dictionary - Search Dictionary.
/drivers - Search Driver Guide.
/forums - Search Discussion Forums.
/registry - Search registry Database.
/script - Search Script Library.
/security - Search Security Database.
wgn Internet Explorer hacks
wgn Internet Explorer /registry

92 Computers whatis.xml Whatis.com Definitions for IT-related words
whatis 42

93 Computers whats.xml What's That Site Running? Check Netcraft's "Whats that site running?" HTTPD database for a specific web site to get information on a web server.
whats <site>
whats apache.org

94 Computers whi.xml www.webhosting.info The Internet Research Authority; Registrar data, Whois, RWhois, IP lookups, Reverse IP lookups...
whi dqsd.net
whi microsoft

95 Computers whsc.xml whois.sc Find a wealth of info on a domain name, IP address etc...
whsc dqsd.net
whsc microsoft

96 Computers winf.xml Brian's Buzz WinFind The Windows Tips Search Engine finds information for you from more than a dozen sources of reliable, trusted expertise
winf <topic>
winf activex

97 Computers wotsit.xml WotSit's File Format Reference Search WotSit's Format - Programmers File Format Reference
wotsit dbf

98 Computers ww.xml Wolfram Alpha Wolfram|Alpha aims to bring expert-level knowledge and capabilities to the broadest possible range of people. The goal is to accept completely free-form input, and to serve as a knowledge engine that generates powerful results and presents them with maximum clarity.
ww what is the meaning of life
ww 2001-09-11
ww wdc

99 Computers xforce.xml X-Force Vulnerability and Security Database The Internet Security Systems' X-Force Database is the world's most comprehensive threats and vulnerabilities database. This database is the result of thousands of hours of work by X-Force researchers and developers, and much of the data is incorporated into ISS' own products. As of July 2005, the database contains over 21,000 unique vulnerabilities, threats, and security checks, compiled from the Internet, original X-Force research, ISS software, and other software.
/score - Order by score
/age - Order by age
/title - Order by title
/10 - 10 results
/20 - 20 results
/30 - 30 results
/any - Match any portion
/all - Match all
/boolean - Boolean matching
xforce retina
xforce google-toolbar

100 Computers zdn.xml ZDNet Downloads Search Ziff-Davis Net for software. Searches for Windows software by default.
/all - All Platform Downloads
/mac - MacOS Downloads
/linux - Linux Downloads
/palm - Palm Downloads
/ce - CE Downloads
/psion - Psion/EPOC Downloads
zdn quicktime /mac

101 Configure qsedit.xml Quick Search Edit Edit a search file
qsedit amaz

102 Entertainment acine.xml Allociné Search the french site about movies, stars, theaters schedules, critics, trailers, etc...
Narrow your search to...
/place - movies playing near your place (name or zip code)
/zip:[number] - movies playing near your zip code (direct search)
optional : number forces to find number theaters
/movie - informations on a movie (part or whole of the name)
/theater - what's playing in a theater (theater or city name)
/star - the biography of a celebrity
acine meilleurs copains
acine marseille /place
acine 13001 /zip:30
acine meilleurs copains /movie
acine le grand rex /theater
acine cruise /news
acine deneuve /star

103 Entertainment adtunes.xml Ad Tunes Find out the name of a song you heard in an ad.
adtunes Mitsubishi

104 Entertainment alm.xml All Music Guide (AMG) Search the AMG for album reviews, track listings, artist discographies and more. Searches for artists by default.
/song - Search for a specific song.
/album - Search for a specific album.
/style - Lookup the history of a particular music style.
/label - Lookup information on a major record label.
alm The Beatles
alm Revolver /album

105 Entertainment bbust.xml Blockbuster Search Blockbuster for a movie
bbust great raid

106 Entertainment blinkx.xml Blinkx TV Blinkx.tv television/media clips - over 1 million hours of TV and video

107 Entertainment cddb.xml Gracenote CDDB Search CDDB by artist, album, song, or a combination of the three. Searches by artist by default.
/artist - Search for artists.
/album - Search for albums.
/song - Search for songs.
cddb Blender
cddb Let It Be /artist /title

108 Entertainment cdnow.xml CDNOW Search for music on CDNOW. Searches for artists by default.
/album - Search for a specific album.
/song - Search for a specific song.
/label - Search for a record label.
/video - Find a music video.
/actor - Find an actor or director from a music video.
cdnow Mansun
cdnow Lobster /song

109 Entertainment cowp.xml Country and Western Pickers of the Internet Search for lyrics and chords for country songs.
cowpie God Must Be A Cowboy

110 Entertainment crit.xml metacritic Metacritic compiles reviews from respected critics and publications for film, music, games, books and TV.
crit [{/all | /film | /music | /games | /book | /tv}] <title>
crit /music bright orange bright yellow
crit /film bringing down the house

111 Entertainment dee.xml Deezer Listen to music on deezer.com.
dee baggy trousers

112 Entertainment fandango.xml Fandango Find movie information, listings, and buy tickets online.
Movie Info - fandango <movie>
Local Listings - fandango /location {<zipcode> | <city> }
fandango harry potter
fandango /location San Diego

113 Entertainment freedb.xml freedb.org Free service for finding artists or CDs.
freedb paul mccartney
freedb u2
freedb abbey road

114 Entertainment gfaq.xml Gamefaqs.com Search for FAQs and walkthroughs on GameFAQs.com
/all - Search for game on all platforms (default).
/dc - Search for Sega Dreamcast games only.
/pc - Search for PC games only.
/psx - Search for Sony Playstation games only.
/ps2 - Search for Sony Playstation 2 games only.
/xbox - Search for Microsoft Xbox games only.
/gc - Search for Nintendo Gamecube games only.
/n64 - Search for Nintendo 64 games only.
gfaq Medal of Honor
gfaq max payne /pc
gfaq fishing /dc

115 Entertainment imdb.xml Internet Movie Database (IMDB) Lookup movies, television shows, actors, directors and more.
imdb jaws

116 Entertainment kim.xml Kids-In-Mind Movie Ratings Search Kids-In-Mind for movie reviews
117 Entertainment lf.xml lyricsfind.com Search for song lyrics by title.
lf fight the power

118 Entertainment lfm.xml Last.fm Search last.fm, a music social site, for artist / album / track
119 Entertainment lv.xml LyricVault.com Lyric Vault is the fastest growing music lyrics website, providing Lyrics FREE from over 7,000 artists, album reviews, biographies, and song ratings.
/artist - Search by Artist
/album - Search by Album
/song - Search by Song
lv black eyed peas
lv rain /artist

120 Entertainment mb.xml MusicBrainz.org Search the online user-contributed MusicBrainz music database
/artist - search for an artist name (default)
/release - search for a release name
/track - search for a track name
mb bach
mb ting /release
mb jennifer she said /track

121 Entertainment mf.xml Moviefone Get information on movies or find local movie listings.
Movie Info - mf <movie>
Local Listings - mf /location {<zipcode> | <city> }
mf scorpion king
mf /location 90210

122 Entertainment mmoz.xml MusicMoz search Search for music info at MusicMoz.org
mmoz debbie davies

123 Entertainment mrqe.xml MRQE Search Search the Movie Review Query Engine for movie reviews
mrqe jaws

124 Entertainment nfltv.xml NFL TV Coverage Schedule Displays a current TV listing of the NFL.
US (default)/us
Central Timezone/central
Mountain Timezone/mountain
Pacific Timezone/pacific
All the timezone switches can be abbreviated.
All times are US Eastern by default.
The /popup switch will open in a popup window.
nfltv(US Eastern Schedule)
nfltv /pac(US Pacific Schedule)
nfltv /cen(US Central Schedule)
nfltv /cen /popup(US Central Schedule in a popup)

125 Entertainment racetv.xml Racing TV Coverage Displays a current TV listing of auto racing events in US and Canada.
US (default)/us
Can-Am/can-am or /canam
Central Timezone/central
Mountain Timezone/mountain
Pacific Timezone/pacific
All the timezone switches can be abbreviated.
All times are US Eastern by default.
The /popup switch will open in a popup window.
racetv(US Eastern Schedule)
racetv /pac(US Pacific Schedule)
racetv /eas(US Eastern Schedule)
racetv /can /cen(Canadian Central Schedule)
racetv /eas /popup(US Eastern Schedule in a popup)

126 Entertainment riaar.xml RIAA Radar The RIAA Radar is a tool that music consumers can use to easily and instantly distinguish whether an album was released by a member of the Recording Industry Of America (RIAA)
/upc - Search by UPC code.
/artist - Search by Artist.
/label - Search by Record Label.

127 Entertainment rt.xml Rotten Tomatoes Search for movie info and reviews on RottenTomatoes.com.
rt Shawshank Redemption

128 Entertainment screenit.xml ScreenIt A family-friendly movie search index. Uses Google for searching.
screenit jaws

129 Entertainment tvc.xml TV.com Search TV.com for programs, people or both
/program - Search by program (default)
/person - Search by actor
/all - Search by program and/or actor
tvc csi
tvc bob crane /person
tvc seinfeld /all

130 Entertainment tvg.xml TV Guide Online Look up TV programming by keyword.
tvg simpsons
tvg comedy

131 Entertainment ubl.xml UBL - the Ultimate Band List by ArtistDirect Search UBL using the following switches. Searches by artist by default.
/artist - Search for artists.
/album - Search for albums.
/song - Search for songs.
/tour - Search for tour dates.
/label - Search for record labels.
/radio - Search for radio stations.
/resource - Search for musician resources.
/retail - Search for retail outlets.
/mag - Search for magazines.
/meta - Search for meta sites.
/venue - Search for venues.
/fest - Search for festivals.
/agent - Search for promoters and agents..
/tix - Search for ticket sellers.
ubl Beck
ubl Roadrunner /label

132 Entertainment uktv.xml UK TV Guide UK Television guide
bbc 1 uktv 1
bbc 2 uktv 2
itv1 uktv 3
channel 4 uktv 4
channel 5 uktv 5
bbc radio 1 uktv 502
bbc radio 2 uktv 503
bbc radio 3 uktv 504
bbc radio 4 uktv 505
bbc radio 5 live uktv 506

133 Entertainment videoeta.xml Video ETA Video ETA is a site which specializes in detailing when movies are available on video. Searches can be done by movie title (default) or by actors name.
videoeta Christmas Vacation
videoeta Blues Brothers /movie
videoeta Woody Allen /person

134 Entertainment ym.xml Yahoo Movie Search for local movie listings. The zip code is stored in a cookie so you don't have to enter it again.
ym 74133 monsters
ym life as a house

135 Entertainment yt.xml YouTube Search YouTube.com
136 Finance bigchart.xml BigCharts Stock Quotes BigCharts stock quotes by symbol.
bigchart WMT

137 Finance nyse.xml NYSE Listed Companies Input a company name and get the stock symbol and a small description of the company
nyse <symbol>
nyse ibm

138 Finance pp.xml PayPal Login to Paypal
pp myid
pp myotherid
ppid('user','pwd');An array storing a user and password profile for Paypal. You SHOULD provide the ppid() variable, however, you may also provide as many other profiles as necessary to account for your Paypal ID's. If you were to create a 'second' profile you would need only to pass the variable name on the command line:
pp otherVariable
These variables are, however, case sensitive. If the variable passed does not exist (misspelled, incorrect case...), this search will 'default' to using the ppid variable.

139 Finance stk.xml Bloomberg Stock Quotes Get stock quotes by symbol.
stk WMT S

140 Finance ystocks.xml Yahoo Finance Use Yahoo Finance to find information about specific stocks.
Info Mode: (default): use to lookup stock symbols: "ystocks C /chart". Optional switches:
basic (default), daywatch, performance, realtime, detailed, chart, research, options, orderbook
Lookup Mode: (/lookup): Use to find symbols. "ystocks /lookup Citigroup". Optional switches:
Market: world or us (default)
Instrument Type: any (default), stocks, options, funds, index

141 Fun amo.xml Amo's Online Crossword Dictionary Ambiguously search a huge wordlist.
amo *e*p*
(this returns 5-letter words with 'e' in pos. 2 and 'p' in pos. 4.)

142 Fun ana.xml Anagrams List all possible anagrams for a given text string.
ana Clint Eastwood

143 Fun comx.xml Comic Strip Displays comic strip(s) in a single window.
All the comic switches can be abbreviated and multiple switches can be specified at one time.
9 Chickweed Lane/9chickweed
A Case in Point/caseinpoint
Adam at Home/adamathome
Alley Oop/alleyoop
Andy Capp/andycapp
Animal Crackers/animalcrackers
Arlo and Janis/arloandjanis
Ballard Street/ballardstreet
Big Nate/bignate
Big Picture/bigpicture
Big Top/bigtop
Bo Nanas/bonanas
Bound and Gagged/boundandgagged
Brenda Starr/brendastarr
Bulls N Bears/bullsnbears
CEO Dad/ceodad
Calvin and Hobbes/calvinandhobbes
Cats With Hands/catswithhands
Cheap Thrills/cheapthrills
Close to Home/closetohome
Dick Tracy/dicktracy
Dinosaur Comics/dinosaurcomics
Dr. Fun/drfun
Fat Cats/fatcats
Flight Deck/flightdeck
Flo and Friends/floandfriends
For Better or for Worse/forbetterorforworse
Frank and Ernest/frankandernest
Fred Basset/fredbasset
Fusco Brothers/fuscobrothers
Gasoline Alley/gasolinealley
Get Fuzzy/getfuzzy
Go Fish/gofish
Grand Avenue/grandavenue
Heart of the City/heartofthecity
Helen of the Internet/helenoftheinternet
Herb and Jamaal/herbandjamaal
In the Bleachers/inthebleachers
Janes World/janesworld
Jump Start/jumpstart
Kit N Carlyle/kitncarlyle
La Cucaracha/lacucaracha
Liberty Meadows/libertymeadows
Lil Abner/lilabner
Loose Parts/looseparts
Lost Sheep/lostsheep
Lucky Cow/luckycow
Lupo Alberto/lupoalberto
Meatloaf Night/meatloafnight
Meehan Streak/meehanstreak
Mister Boffo/misterboffo
Mixed Media/mixedmedia
Moderately Confused/moderatelyconfused
Natural Selection/naturalselection
Off The Mark/offthemark
One Big Happy Classics/onebighappyclassics
Out of the Gene Pool/outofthegenepool
Over the Hedge/overthehedge
PC and Pixel/pcandpixel
Pearls Before Swine/pearlsbeforeswine
Pooch Cafe/poochcafe
Pop Culture/popculture
Raising Duncan/raisingduncan
Real Life Adventures/reallife
Reality Check/realitycheck
Red and Rover/redandrover
Reynolds Unwrapped/reynoldsunwrapped
Ripleys Believe It or Not/ripleysbelieveitornot
Rose Is Rose/roseisrose
Rudy Park/rudypark
Shirley And Son/shirleyandson
Soup To Nutz/souptonutz
Speed Bump/speedbump
Spot The Frog/spotthefrog
Stone Soup/stonesoup
Strange Brew/strangebrew
Tank Mcnamara/tankmcnamara
Thats Life/thatslife
The 5th Wave/5thwave
The Born Loser/bornloser
The Buckets/buckets
The Grizzwells/grizzwells
The Joy of Tech/joyoftech
The Other Coast/othercoast
The Sunshine Club/sunshineclub
Top of the World!/topoftheworld
User Friendly/userfriendly
Willy n Ethel/willynethel
Wizard of Id/wizardofid
Working Daze/workingdaze
Working It Out/workingitout
Editorials (not published every day):
All editorials for today/editorials
Animated Oliphant/animatedoliphant
Ann Telneas/anntelneas
Barbara Brandon/barbarabrandon
Ben Sargent/bensargent
Bill Deore/billdeore
Chan Lowe/chanlowe
Chip Bok/chipbok
Chuck Asay/chuckasay
Dana Summers/danasummers
Dana Wasserman/danawasserman
David Horsey/davidhorsey
Dick Locher/dicklocher
Dick Wright/dickwright
Don Wright/donwright
Doug Marlette/dougmarlette
Drew Sheneman/drewsheneman
Faces In The News/facesinthenews
Gary Varvel/garyvarvel
Glenn McCoy/glennmccoy
Jack Higgins/jackhiggins
Jack Ohman/jackohman
Jeff Danziger/jeffdanziger
Lalo Alcaraz/laloalcaraz
Matt Davies/mattdavies
Mike Luckovich/mikeluckovich
Nick Anderson/nickanderson
Pat Oliphant/patoliphant
Paul Conrad/paulconrad
Paul Szep/paulszep
Signe Wilkinson/signewilkinson
Steve Sack/stevesack
Stuart Carlson/stuartcarlson
Ted Rall/tedrall
Tom Toles/tomtoles
Tony Auth/tonyauth
Walt Handelsman/walthandelsman
Wayne Stayskal/waynestayskal
Extra Switch:
comx /popupOpen the comics in a popup window instead of the default browser.
comx /wiz (Wizard of Id)
comx /workingit (Working it Out)
comx /rip (Ripleys Believe it or Not)
comx /wiz /workingit /rip(Opens all three)
comx /wiz /workingit /rip /popup(Opens all three) in a popup window
comx /dil /editorialsOpens Dilbert and all editorial cartoons for today

144 Fun drinkstreet.xml DrinkStreet Search the DrinkStreet.com site for drink recipes.
drinkstreet bloody mary

145 Fun ia.xml Internet Archive Look at copies of web pages archived at periodic intervals.
ia cnet.com

146 Fun lottogen.xml Lottery Number Generation Generate the winning lottery numbers from DQSD's crystal ball..
lottogen [<number of values to generate>]
(Defaults to 6)
lottogen 4

147 Fun mtgcard.xml Magic the Gathering card search Research Magic the Gathering cards on MagicCards.info.
/advanced - open advanced search window
/random - view random card
mtgcard wrath of god
mtgcard paradise

148 Fun nlstart.xml START The natural language question answering system answers questions in English about the MIT AI Laboratory, geography, and assorted other topics.
nlstart show me a map of China
nlstart when was stanford started

149 Fun ohno.xml OhNoRobot.com OhNoRobot Personalized comic search and transcription
/random -
/dialogue -
/speakers -
/sound -
/meta -
/link -
/scene -
/new -
/series -

150 Fun phsp.xml Phone Number Speller Spells out phone numbers.
phsp 227-4332
phsp bar-idea

151 Fun qrz.xml QRZ Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Look up profile information from amateur radio callsign.
qrz KC5PTF

152 Fun uns.xml Word Unscrambler To calculate scrabble scores
uns inourdnas

153 Functions alarm.xml Alarm Schedule an alarm to go off at a certain time. The alarm message is optional. All times are in Military (24hr) Time.
A minutes-from-now value can also be specified instead of a timestamp.
Alarm only supports a single alarm.
Set Alarm - alarm <time or delay> [<message>]
Cancel Alarm - alarm cancel
alarm 14:00 Staff Meeting
alarm 5 Staff Meeting in 5 minutes

154 Functions anon.xml Anonymizer Anonymous browsing through the Anonymizer proxy.
anon amazon.com

155 Functions aolim.xml AOL Instant Messaging (AIM) Send an instant message to a user on your AIM list. AIM must be installed for this to work.
aolim <screenname>:<message>
aolim ehartmann2:hey dude!

156 Functions ascii.xml Base Conversion: ASCII Character Convert ASCII characters to decimal, hex, octal and binary equivalents.
ascii B

157 Functions ccase.xml Change case Change case of string to capitalized, lowercase, or uppercase.
/capitalizeCapitalize the first letter, lowercase the rest of each word.
/lowercaseLowercase all words
/uppercaseUppercase all words
Capitalize:ccase Today is a Monday.
Capitalize:ccase /c Today is a Monday.
Lowercase:ccase /l Today is a Monday.
Uppercase:ccase /u Today is a Monday.

158 Functions chmodconv.xml chmod conversion Convert chmod strings to numbers and numbers to strings.
chmodconv 755returns rwxr-xr-x in the edit box
chmodconv rwxr-x---returns 750 in the edit box

159 Functions clc.xml Calculate Evaluate numeric expressions.
clc (4+3)*(2+2)
clc pow(e, pi/2)

160 Functions conv.xml Measurement Converter Convert units from one unit to another using ConvertIt.com. The second unit is optional.
conv <unit1> [/to <unit2>]
conv /from:<unit1> [/to:<unit2>]
conv 1/5 gallon
conv astronomical unit to football fields
conv /from:astronomical_unit /to:football_fields

161 Functions email.xml Email Send an email using the default handler.
email <recipient1>[,<recipient2>[,...]]; <subject>; <body>

162 Functions floax.xml The Floax Bar Provides a floating button bar for quick 'mouser' search access.
click on the DQSD 'go' button
Floax is intended to be used from the banner/logo by setting the following variables in localprefs.js, this assumes, of course, that your settings are enabled for the banner/logo:
floaxButtons() - An array depicting the buttons, layout and function of the floax bar.
var floaxButtons =
Array('ra.png', 'Visit RA', 'http://ReliableAnswers.com/'),
Array('yahoo!.png', 'Yahoo Profile [Clipboard]', 'vbsx yprof ClipboardGetText'),
Array('yahoo!.png', 'YG Ban-Bot [Clipboard]', 'vbsx banyg ClipboardGetText'),
Array('reg.png', 'Google [Clipboard]', 'vbsx gg ClipboardGetText'),
Array('ftp.png', 'Look up [Clipboard] in Dictionary', 'vbsx dic ClipboardGetText'),
Array('vbs.png', 'ClipBoard Length', 'vbsx !Len(ClipboardGetText)' )
); // Array( button, title, function)

163 Functions guardster.xml Guardster VPN Guardster's free webproxy - visit websites anonymously.
164 Functions hexconv.xml Base Conversion: Hexadecimal Convert hexadecimal values to decimal, octal and binary equivalents.
hexconv 3A

165 Functions hol.xml Add Local Holiday Adds the ability to create local holidays from the Quick Search textfield
hol My Birthday|personal_holidays|13|2
- This example adds a holiday that repeats yearly.
hol Jessica's Going Away Party!|personal_appointment|10|4|2004
- This example adds a holiday that does not repeat. It will only show for the year specified (2004)
Created by Erik Telford, Mango Multimedia (http://www.mangom2.com) customers@mangom2.com

166 Functions httpinst.xml DQSD Remote Search Installer Install DQSD search from a given URL.
/filename - Set the filename instead of deriving it from the url.
/local - Put search in localsearches folder.
/overwrite - Overwrite existing search unconditionally.
/update - Updates or installs search from repository.
/list - Display listing of current searches in repository.
/new_searches - Display listing of searches in repository that are more recent than currently available.
httpinst http://www.example.com/dqsd/coolsearch.xml
httpinst /local http://www.example.com/dqsd/localsearch.xml
httpinst /o http://www.example.com/dqsd/whois.xml
httpinst /f:test.xml /o http://www.example.com/dqsd/gensearch/?dynamically=1
httpinst /up dlc
httpinst /list

167 Functions icap.xml ICapture View a URL as it looks in Safari 1.2 on Macintosh
/home - Just go to iCapture's website
url - URL to preview
icap /home
icap http://ReliableAnswers.com/
icap www.dqsd.net

168 Functions jsenc.xml Javascript String URL encoder/decoder Converts to/from url encoded strings
/all - encode all characters
/mailto - generates a javascript encoded mailto string that can be pasted into your webpage to hide it from email address harvesters
jsenc %78%20%79%20%7A - Returns x y z
jsenc x%20y%20z - Returns x y z
jsenc x y z - Returns x%20y%20z
jsenc /all x y z - Returns %78%20%79%20%7A
jsenc /mailto info@microsoft.com - link name and email address are both info@microsoft.com
jsenc /mailto info@microsoft.com Microsoft Information - link name is Microsoft Information and email address is info@microsoft.com

169 Functions mac.xml router MAC address to switch MAC address conversion Convert between a router MAC address format to a switch MAC address format.
mac - <MAC address>
mac 0000.0a0a.0b0b

170 Functions md5.xml md5 Calculator Calculate md5 value for a string
md5 string to encrypt - would put 917bf3c14d785096f2240db672639fb5 in the edit box

171 Functions mnr.xml Mailinator.com Check an anonymous email account at Mailinator.com
mnr bob
mnr asdfasdf

172 Functions msl.xml Make a Shorter Link Abbreviate long and convoluted URLs.
msl http://www.braithwaite-lee.com/source/index.html

173 Functions note.xml Note Save a note or notes for later. By default, notes are displayed in browser window. Set 'noteOpenAsDocument' to true in localprefs.js to open in default text editor.
/clear - clear existing notes
/display - display existing notes
note Call Pete - Add a note
note - Display current notes
note clear - Clear existing notes
note /clear - Clear existing notes
note /display Call Pete - Add a note and display all the notes

174 Functions passgen.xml Password Generator Generate passwords
/length[:n] - Limit the password length. Defaults to 'passgen_length' or 6.
/lower - Allow lowercase letters
/noupper - Don't allow uppercase letters
/nolower - Don't allow lowercase letters
/nonum - Don't allow numbers
/nosupper - Don't allow uppercase letters as the starting character
/noslower - Don't allow lowercase letters as the starting character
/nosnum - Don't allow numbers as the starting character
/num - Allow numbers
/supper - Allow uppercase letters as the starting character
/slower - Allow lowercase letters as the starting character
/snum - Allow numbers as the starting character
/upper - Allow uppercase letters
passgen /l:5

localprefs.js variables
passgen_length - Default length (number > 0)
passgen_nolowercase - Default allow lowercase letters (true or false)
passgen_nonumbers - Default allow numbers (true or false)
passgen_nouppercase - Default allow uppercase letters (true or false)
passgen_startlowercase - Default allow lowercase letters as starting character (true or false)
passgen_startnumbers - Default allow numbers as starting character (true or false)
passgen_startuppercase - Default allow uppercase letters as starting character (true or false)

175 Functions phcvt.xml Phone Number Converter Convert phone number letters to numbers.
/us - A seven or ten digit U.S. number
phcvt 877-WHITEHOUSE - would put 877-9448346873 in the edit box
phcvt /us 877-WHITEHOUSE - would put 877-944-8346 in the edit box
phcvt /us:* 877-WHITEHOUSE - would put 877*944*8346 in the edit box

176 Functions qscb.xml QuickSort Clipboard QuickSorts every line of text on the clipboard and places it back onto the clipboard.
qscb [/trim] [/1]
/trim - Trim each line before sort
/1 - Include any specific line only once
qscb /trim
qscb /1
qscb /trim /1

177 Functions qsfind.xml Quick Search Find Get information on built-in Dave's Quick Search functions by searching through their descriptions. Click on the name of the search in the resuling popup to fill the search text box with the function name.
qsfind phone number

178 Functions qsfreq.xml Quick Search Frequency Tool Display and manage search frequency log.
You must add
qsfreqLogSearchFrequency = 1

to your localprefs.js file to enable logging.
[no switches] - Display the search frequency data.
/clear - Clear the search frequency log.
/disable_unused - Disable all searches not recorded in the frequency log.
/enable_all - Re-enable all previously disabled searches.
/add - Re-enable specific searches.
/remove - Disable specific searches.
/status - Display which searches are enabled and disabled.
qsfreq /clear
qsfreq /add note alarm racetv comx imdb
qsfreq /remove note alarm racetv comx imdb

179 Functions radix.xml Base Conversion: Decimal Convert decimal values to equivlaents in an arbitrary radix. Defaults to show decimal, octal, hex, and binary if radix unspecified.
radix 32767
radix 7 42332

180 Functions reget.xml ReGet ReGet will auto-reload a URL at a given frequency. The first argument is an integer representing the number of page reloads, The second is an integer representing the reload frequency in seconds. Settings the number of iterations to 0 will cause the cycle to continue indefinately.
Set - reget <iterations> <interval> <url> [/noforce]
Cancel - reget cancel
/noforce - Forces ReGet to use the cached copy of the web page when reloading.
reget 10 20 http://www.gymamerica.com
reget 0 20 http://www.whitehouse.gov /noforce

181 Functions rgb.xml RGB to Hexadecimal Conversion Convert RGB integer values to hexadecimal equivalents and vice versa.
rgb 255110053 - Convert decimal rgb number to hex
rgb 255 110 53 - Convert decimal rgb number to hex
rgb 255,110,53 - Convert decimal rgb number to hex
rgb 255.110.53 - Convert decimal rgb number to hex
rgb 336666 - Convert hex rgb number to decimal
rgb #336666 - Convert hex rgb number to decimal
rgb 0x336666 - Convert hex rgb number to decimal

182 Functions rh2t.xml Registry Hex to Text Converter Converts a registry hex-encoded binary value to text. If the hex string is not passed on the command, the clipboard will be parsed by default.
rh2t [![string]]|[hex]
!Reverse action - convert the value, either from the clipboard or following the !, to a registry-compatible hex-encoded binary value
rh2t 64,71,73,64,20,72,6F,63,6B,73,21
rh2t !DQSD Rocks
rh2t !

183 Functions rnd.xml Random Number/Sequence Generator Random.org offers true random numbers to anyone on the internet. It can generate random integers (with duplicates, like dice rolls), randomized sequences (without duplicates, like lottery tickets) or raw random bytes. You can also flip virtual coins and generate random bitmaps.
/duplicates:[100] - a set of integers, duplicates allowed
/min:[1] - bottom of range
/max:[100] - top of range
/columns:[5] - number of columns
/sequence - A range of integers in random order
/min:[1] - bottom of range
/max:[100] - top of range
/raw|bytes:[256] - random bytes in hex, decimal, octal or binary
/format:([hex]|dec|oct|bin) - format of output
/coin - Heads or tails, using the coin of your choice
/currency:[antique.eucratides]) - currency/coin to use
/bitmap:[64] - A randomized bitmap
rnd /dup:10
rnd /seq /min:1 /max:52
rnd /raw:1024 /f:hex
rnd /coin
rnd /bit /w:512 /h:512

184 Functions rnum.xml Roman Numeral Generator Generate Roman numeral equivalents to decimal numbers.
rnum <decimal number between 1 and 3999>
rnum 1996

185 Functions rot13.xml rot13 /rot ther'teen/ [Usenet: from "rotate alphabet 13 places"], v.
The simple Caesar-cypher encryption that replaces each English letter with the one 13 places forward or back along the alphabet, so that "The butler did it!" becomes "Gur ohgyre qvq vg!" Most Usenet news reading and posting programs include a rot13 feature. It is used to enclose the text in a sealed wrapper that the reader must choose to open - e.g. for posting things that might offend some readers, or spoilers. A major advantage of rot13 over rot(N) for other N is that it is self-inverse, so the same code can be used for encoding and decoding.
rot13 Glenn Carr
rot13 Tyraa Pnee

186 Functions rssx.xml RSS Feed Parser Parses an RSS feed and pops the results every 8 seconds (configurable).
Use 'rssxDefaultUrl' variable in localprefs.js to change the default URL used when only 'rssx' is passed.
var rssxDefaultUrl = "http://sourceforge.net/export/rss2_projfiles.php?group_id=42081";
Use 'rssxTimeOutAfter' variable in localprefs.js to change the period between item displays.
rssxTimeOutAfter = 2000;
url - URL of RSS Feed to process.
/stop - Terminate RSS processing and display
rssx http://ReliableAnswers.com/rss.asp
rssx http://slashdot.org/slashdot.rdf
rssx http://www.eff.org/rss/press.xml
rssx /stop

187 Functions run.xml Run Replacement for the Windows Start menu Run command.
run winword

188 Functions seq.xml Sequence Sequence will load a number of sites in one browser window in sequence. The arguments are all urls to web pages.
Set - seq <search1>
[<search2> [...]]
/frequency:<frequency> /repeat:<number>
Cancel - seq cancel
/frequency:<seconds or ask> - Number of seconds between switches. Frequency of "0" will ask the user before switching. (default = 0)
/repeat:<number> - Number of times to repeat the sequence. (default = 1, 0 = forever)
seq http://www.gymamerica.com http://www.whitehouse.gov

189 Functions setiq.xml Setiqueue Directly login as an admin to your setiqueue web admin interface without having the hassle to go through the login page.
setiq <password> [/server:<serveraddress> [/port:<portnumber>]] [/connect[:<duration>]] [/display:<page>] [/delay:<delay>]
/server:serveraddress - specify server IP address or name ( by default)
/port:portnumber - specify port number (5517 by default)
/connect:duration - tell SetiQueue to connect to the Internet. You can specify one of the following durations (30 minutes by default):
0.5 or 30 - 30 minutes
1 or 60 - 1 hour
2 or 120 - 2 hours
4 or 240 - 4 hours
/dislay:page - display specified page (without htm extension)
/delay:delay - delay in ms between 2 form submissions (500 by default). Increase for slow computers.
setiq mypassword
setiq mypassword /server:localhost /port:6000 /connect:4 /display:logs /delay:2000
Security warning:
Be aware that your password will remain in DQSD's history.
Compatibility warning:
If you are using DQSD v3.0 or earlier and you specify an IP address for the serveraddress parameter, you will need to edit defer_tools.js and change
var re_switch = /\/((\w+)(?::?(\w*)))\s*/;
var re_switch = /\/((\w+)(?::?(\S*)))\s*/;

190 Functions snip.xml snip SnipURL - Snippetty snip snip with your long URLs!
snip http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00023B1TY/qid=1092266230/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i1_xgl/202-6194472-3333463

191 Functions temp.xml Temperature Converter Convert temperatures from any of Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, and Rankine to the other three. A switch is required to indicate the units the given value is in.
/celsius, /centigrade - Convert the given Celsius value to Fahrenheit, Kelvin, and Rankine.
/fahrenheit - Convert the given Fahrenheit value to Celsius, Kelvin, and Rankine.
/kelvin - Convert the given Kelvin value to Celsius, Farenheit, and Rankine.
/rankine - Convert the given Rankine value to Celsius, Farenheit, and Kelvin.
temp 22 /c

192 Functions tinyurl.xml TinyURL TinyURL makes a short URL for your long URL so you can paste it in email messages.
old - Uses the old method of popping up the tinyurl webpage instead of setting the text area to the tinyurl
tinyurl http://wwww.reallyreallylongurltoannoyyou.com
tinyurl /o http://wwww.reallyreallylongurltoannoyyou.com

193 Functions winres.xml WinRes WinRes will open a browser window of a specified size.
url [default] or strwinresurl url to preview
/width or {1st #} strwinresw width of new browser window
/height or {2nd #} strwinresh height of new browser window
winres 800 600
winres /height:800 /width:600
winres 800 600 http://www.mysite.com
winres 800 http://www.mysite.com 600
winres http://www.mysite.com /w:800 /h:600

194 Functions wrp.xml Wrap Clipboard Text Wraps the contents of the clipboard to a certain number of characters, inserting optional prefix and places it back onto the clipboard.
wrp [[/pre <prefix>]|[/np]] [/max <num>] [/no]
/pre > Prefix each line with this string
/np - Disable line prefixing
/max 64 Maximum characters per line
/no False Prevent removal of existing prefix before processing
wrp /no /max 65
wrp /pre > /max 76
wrp /pre // /max 72
wrp /pre -- /max 30
wrp /pre REM /no
wrp /np /max 10000

195 Functions xrl.xml xrl.us: Metamark Shorten Service Shorten long and unwieldy URLs.
xrl http://www.unixdaemon.net/dqsd_searches.html

196 Legal copys.xml copys.com Find copies of your content on the web.
[url] Search for copies of this page
copys reliableanswers.com
copys http://dqsd.net/

197 Legal pat.xml Patent Search Retrieve a patent from U.S. PTO using a Boolean search terms.
pat implement
pat "sharp implement"
pat IN/Fred AND whistle
If more than one word is used, either quote all the words or put operators between them.
198 Legal patapp.xml Patent Application Search Retrieve a (published) patent application from U.S. PTO using a Boolean search terms.
patapp implement
patapp "sharp implement"
patapp IN/Fred AND whistle
If more than one word is used, either quote all the words or put operators between them.
199 Legal patno.xml Patent Number Retrieve a patent from U.S. PTO by number.
patno 6,123,456

200 News aw.xml AccuWeather Forecast Search for weather forecasts by zip code.
aw 98052

201 News cnn.xml CNN News Search for news topics at CNN.com.
cnn Saddam Hussein

202 News fxnws.xml Fow News Search Fox News

203 News mefi.xml MetaFilter MetaFilter is a community blog that anyone can contribute links or comments to
mefi pancakes

204 News newsau.xml news.com.au Search for news topics at news.com.au plus links to all other News Corp newspapers.
newsau Rugby

205 News smh.xml SMH News Search for news topics at smh.com.au
smh Saddam Hussein

206 News twn.xml The Weather Network Forecast Search for Canadian weather forecasts by city.
twn Halifax

207 News wdc.xml Weather Dot Com Get your forcast form weather.com

208 News wug.xml Weather Underground Search for weather forecasts by zip code
wug 75287

209 News yweather.xml Yahoo Weather Search Yahoo Weather (by the Weather channel) for weather forecasts by zip code or city name
yweather 22204
Uses personalization variables if no arguments are present: yweather

210 News yy.xml My Yahoo! Login to My Yahoo
yy myid
yy myotherid
yyid = Array('user', 'pwd', 'http://groups.yahoo.com/');
yy2 = Array('user2', 'pwd2', 'http://my.yahoo.com/');
yy3 = Array('user3', 'pwd3', 'http://games.yahoo.com/');
yy4 = Array('user3', 'pwd3');
yyidAn array storing a user and password profile for Yahoo! The third parameter to the array is the address to visit once you're logged in.
You SHOULD provide the yyid() variable, however, you may also provide as many other profiles as necessary to account for your Yahoo ID's. If you were to create a 'second' profile you would need only to pass the variable name on the command line:
yy yy2
yy yy3
These variables are, however, case sensitive. If the variable passed does not exist (misspelled, incorrect case...), this search will 'default' to using the yyid variable.

211 Other acx.xml Cambridgesoft ChemACX.com Search for chemical compounds.
acx chloride

212 Other ar.xml All Recipes Search for recipes and meal ideas at AllRecipes.com.
ar cheesecake

213 Other chem.xml Cambridgesoft Chemfinder Search for chemicals with the Cambridgesoft Chemfinder.
chem ammonium

214 Other faq.xml Usenet FAQ Search Search the Usenet FAQ archives.
faq fortran

215 Other js.xml Jobserve European specialist job search site. The /market switch is required to select the area to search.
js <job> /market:<market> [{/permanent | /contract}] [/latest] [/0 | /1 | /2 | /3 | /4 | /5]
/market - Select the job market to search using one of the following codes:
it - Information Technology
acc - Accountancy
eng - Engineering
sal - Sales & Marketing
fin - Finance & Insurance
sec - Office & Administration
leg - Legal
med - Medical
/permanent - Search for permanent positions only.
/contract - Search for temporary/contract positions only.
/latest - Search for the latest additions instead of the best overall matches.
/0 - Within 0 working days.
/1 - Within 1 working days.
/2 - Within 2 working days.
/3 - Within 3 working days.
/4 - Within 4 working days.
/5 - Within 5 working days.
js programmer /market:it
js delphi /market:it /latest /1
js legal secretary /market:leg /permanent /latest

216 Other pg.xml Project Gutenberg Search the Project Gutenberg Public Domain online book collection.
pg <book title> [/author] [{/reader | /dmoz}]
/author - Search for an Author instead of a Title
/reader - Search for Public Domain books on the more friendly but less complete pgreader.org.
HTML formatted version of some books are also offered here.
/dmoz - Search through the Project Gutenberg book titles and authors on the Open Directory Project. The author switch is ignored. It seems to be faster and more accurate than the official search sometimes.
/ebi - Search through Tecriture's eBook Initiative site. Fairly good automated HTML conversion is available here for any book in PG's archives. Due to a lot of hidden javascript you may need to go through the Tecriture Home to browse properly.
pg Alice In Wonderland
pg Dostoevsky /author
pg Sun Tzu /author /reader
pg Beowulf /ebi
pg Time Machine /dmoz

217 Other shack.xml Shacknews.com Comments Search the shacknews.com comments database
/user:username - Narrow search to username. Replace blanks in username with + (fex: Steve Gibson becomes Steve+Gibson)
/db:database - Database to use. Default is current, possible values: current, archive1
/type:type - Narrow search to post type. Default is all, possible values: all, i (informative), n (NWS)
/sortby:key - Sort results by key. Default is date, possible values: date, relevance
shack 1942 /type:i
shack Doom3 /type:all
shack poop /user:Steve+Gibson

218 People and Places ac.xml Area Code Info Search for information on a North American telephone area code.
ac 741

219 People and Places anywho.xml AnyWho Find a person or business by telephone number.
anywho 972-555-1212

220 People and Places babyname.xml ThinkBaby ThinkBabyNames provides a broad searchable index of names and their meanings, genders and various spellings. Perfect for any parent-to-be.
/boy - Names for boys
/girl - Names for girls
/neuter - Names for either gender
/starting - Starting with...
/ending - Ending with...
/means - Meaning
/relates - Relates to
babyname q /starting
babyname jesus /relates

221 People and Places bfe.xml Bigfoot Email Search Bigfoot's index of email addresses by name.
bfe Mark Rafn

222 People and Places bio.xml Biographies Search the Biography.com database. Has over 25,000 different listings.
bio <name>
bio dean kamen

223 People and Places guiasp.xml GuiaSP - Mapas Find maps and addresses in some cities of Brazil. Both number and city are optional. Sao Paulo is default and the other available cities are Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Salvador.
guiasp <street name> [<number>] [({sp | rj | bh | sa})]
guiasp paulista 1000
guiasp brasil 200 (rj)

224 People and Places iploc.xml IP-to-Location Find the location of the specified IP address: "iploc"
225 People and Places iptoc.xml IP-to-Country Find the country of the specified IP address: "iptoc"
226 People and Places isb.xml InfoSpace.ca Business Search Look up businesses in Canada.
isb Future Shop (Halifax, NS)

227 People and Places isc.xml InfoSpace.ca Category Search Search business categories in Canada.
isc tailors (Halifax, NS)

228 People and Places isi.xml InfoSpace.ca Individual Search Look up phone numbers and addresses in Canada.
isi John Smith (Halifax, NS)

229 People and Places isp.xml Reverse Phone Lookup Find a person and address in Canada by telephone number.
isp 902-555-1212

230 People and Places ispb.xml Reverse Business Phone Lookup Find a business and address in Canada by telephone number.
ispb 902-555-1212

231 People and Places mm.xml Multimap Maps Search for UK maps.
mm 10 Downing Street, London sw1

232 People and Places mp.xml MSN MapPoint Get driving directions and maps for the USA and many other countries. Uses the USA, by default. Linedrive/standard directions, quickest/shortest route, and miles/kilometers units will default to whatever you used the last time.
The to keyword and second address are important. This search is not yet designed to search for maps of a single location.
mp [street,] city[, state/province [, zip/postal code]] [/begin:region]
to [street,] city[, state/province, [,zip/postal code]] [/end:region]
/linedrive - LineDrive(SM) geometric directions
/standard - Standard geographic directions
/quickest - to get you to the church on time
/shortest - good for nearby trips
/miles - USA standard unit
/kilometers - what the rest of the world uses
/begin:region - continent/nation, default USA
/end:region - continent/nation, default USA
mp Port Orford, OR to Lubec, ME
mp 1327 Duval Street, Key West, FL to Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY
mp Rome /begin:Italy to Paris /end:France /standard /kilometers
mp Miami, FL to Fairbanks, AK /standard
mp New York, NY /begin:USA to Toronto, OT /end:Canada /linedrive /quickest
mp 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500 to 1 1st St NW, Washington, DC 20001 /standard /shortest /miles
Regions: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA, Europe, North_America

233 People and Places mq.xml Mapquest Maps Find maps of United States locations by address or latitude/longitude.
mq 1400 Constitution Ave NE, Washington DC
mq 28.2492, -81.3651

234 People and Places qac.xml Telephone Area Code and Prefix Location Information Search for information on a North American telephone area code and prefix.
qac 209-586
qac 209-586-0000

235 People and Places sb.xml Switchboard Look up people and businesses by name or telephone number or browse all businesses in a given category. The location can be just a state or the city and state separated by a comma.
Person/Business - sb <name> [(<location>)] {/person | /business | /category}
Telephone - sb <number> {/person | /business}
/person - Search for a person at the given location.
/business - Search for a business at the given location.
/category - Searches for all businesses of the given category at the given location.
sb barbers (Pittsford, NY) /business
sb John Doe (IL) /person
sb Barbers (Los Angelas, CA) /category
sb 214-555-9090
sb 214.555.9090 /person
sb 2145559090 /business

236 People and Places so.xml Societe.com Lookup info on French companies using a SIREN number. Non-digits characters are removed. Only the first 9 digits are used (SIRET number case).
so <name_or_SIREN_number> [/identique] [/dirigeant:chairman_last_name] [/prenom:chairman_first_name] [/ape:APE code] [/departement:department]
/identique - exact name search
the other switches are self-explanatory
so 352568091
so 352.568.091
so martin /identique /departement:75

237 People and Places spcs.xml Sprint PCS One-Way Message Send a Web Message to a Sprint PCS User
spcs [<Receiver's Number>; ] <Message>; [<Callback Number>]

238 People and Places tcc.xml Telephone Country Code Info Search for information on a particular country code
tcc 227" or "tcc Haiti"

239 People and Places telfr.xml French phone numbers Get the name behind the phone number. Spaces and other separators allowed.
telfr 01.42-92*81_00

240 People and Places tgn.xml Getty Thesaurus of Geographical Search the Getty Thesaurus of Geographical Names
tgn toronto

241 People and Places viam.xml Maps with viamichelin.com Find a map to any place in Europe with viamichelin.com
Optional switch:
/size:{0|100|25|5|1} - map size (in km). Defaults to 0 (automatic).
viam place Berland, Bordeaux
viam rimini /size:100

242 People and Places wp.xml WhitePages Search for people at WhitePages.com
/city - /city:<city>
/state - /state:<state>
/surrounding - Search surrounding area
/exact - Match first and last name exactly
/email - Include email listing
wp George Bush, Washington, DC

243 People and Places wpfr.xml French White Pages Get an address from a name in France
wpfr name [/prenom] /ou
/prenom - first name
/ou - where : address or location or zip code or département or région
wpfr musée du louvre /ou:75

244 People and Places yhe.xml Yahoo Email Search for email addresses by name
yhe Roger Weber

245 People and Places yl.xml Yahoo Local Yahoo Local Search
246 People and Places yp.xml Yahoo! Yellow Pages Search Yahoo Yellow Pages
yp business" (uses personalization variables or last location)
yp cubby, 1060 W. Addison Street, Chicago, IL
yp cubby, 1060 W. Addison Street, Chicago IL
yp cubby, Chicago, IL
yp cubby, Chicago IL
yp cubby, 60613

247 People and Places ypfr.xml French Yellow Pages Get an address for a professional in France
ypfr what /ou
/ou - where : address or location or zip code or département or région
ypfr médecin /ou:75

248 People and Places zaba.xml ZabaSearch Find a person by name anywhere in the United States.
/yyyyYear of Birth - defaults to any
zaba George P. Burdell
zaba George W. Bush, DC
zaba George W. Bush, DC, 1946
zaba jack, john smith, sonora, ca, 1930

249 People and Places zc.xml Zip Code Info Search for information on a particular zcf
zc 74133 or zc Glen Ellyn

250 Reference abt.xml About Search www.about.com.
/about - Search the About.com site.
/internet - Search the Internet.
abt Jupiter
abt Jupiter /internet

251 Reference adbn.xml Audubon Search the Audubon Society for information about birds.
adbn woodpecker
adbn cardinal

252 Reference af.xml AcronymFinder Find an acronym on AcronymFinder.
/exact - Exact Match (default)
/reverse - Reverse Lookup (boolean AND keyword searches in acronym meanings)
/begins_with - The search uses a wildcard character at the end of the acronym you type, so entering "AFR" would return all acronyms beginning with AFR -- AFR, AFRA, AFRC, AFREP, etc.
/wildcard - To find meanings for any acronym containing the search string. A search for AFR using this option would return meanings for AFR, AFRT, MAFR, etc.
af laugh loud /rev

253 Reference amed.xml AccessMedicine Search AccessMedicine's database of medical information.
amed anthrax

254 Reference ans.xml Answers.com search Search a term or name within over 100 authoritative encyclopedias, dictionaries, glossaries and atlases
255 Reference as.xml Acronym Search Search for an acronym definition
/reverse_lookup - Look up an acronym using it definition

256 Reference atm.xml Atomica Search for information on almost any subject.
atm civil war

257 Reference babel.xml Babel Fish Language Translation Use the Babel Fish to translate text or webpages from one language to another.
/from:en/to:zh - English to Chinese
/from:en/to:fr - English to French
/from:en/to:de - English to German
/from:en/to:it - English to Italian
/from:en/to:ja - English to Japanese
/from:en/to:ko - English to Korean
/from:en/to:pt - English to Portuguese
/from:en/to:es - English to Spanish
/from:zh/to:en - Chinese to English
/from:fr/to:en - French to English
/from:fr/to:de - French to German
/from:de/to:en - German to English
/from:de/to:fr - German to French
/from:it/to:en - Italian to English
/from:ja/to:en - Japanese to English
/from:ko/to:en - Korean to English
/from:pt/to:en - Portuguese to English
/from:ru/to:en - Russian to English
/from:es/to:en - Spanish to English
babel /from:en /to:es hello how are you
babel /from:en /to:es http://www.whitehouse.gov

258 Reference bg.xml Bible Search Search The Bible Gateway for a scripture reference.
Bible Versions:
/AMP - Search the Amplified Bible.
/ASV - Search the American Standard Version.
/CEV - Search the Contemporary English Version.
/DARBY - Search the Darby Translation.
/ESV - Search the English Standard Version.
/KJ21 - Search the 21st Century King James Version.
/KJV - Search the King James Version.
/MSG - Search the Message Bible.
/NASB - Search the New American Standard Bible.
/NIV - Search the New International Version (default).
/NIV-UK - Search the New International Version - UK.
/NKJV - Search the New King James Version.
/NLT - Search the New Living Translation.
/NLV - Search the New Life Version.
/WE - Search the Worldwide English (New Testament).
/WYC - Search the Wycliffe New Testament.
/YLT - Search Young's Literal Translation.
Search Types:
/all - Search for verses containing ALL of the words
/any - Search for verses containing ANY of the words
/approx - Search for verses containing an APPROXIMATE phrase
/count - Count the verses containing these words
/exact - Search for verses containing an EXACT phrase
Misc Search Options:
/link - Show only links to verses not the text of the verses themselves
/nofootnotes - Don't show footnotes
/nocrossreferences - Don't show cross references
/print - Display printer friendly view
/word - Search whole words only
bg 1 cor 13:4-7
bg rom 6:23 /KJV
bg matt 24
bg /exact /kjv Remember the Sabbath
bg /approx only begotten son
bg /any alpha omega /kjv /word
bg /all famine earthquake /link
Preferences: (define in localprefs.js)
bgBibleVersion (String: default is "NIV")
bgWholeWords (Boolean: default is false)
bgPrinterFriendly (Boolean: default is false)
bgShowFootnotes (Boolean: default is true)
bgShowCrossReferences (Boolean: default is true)
bgLanguage (String: default is "english")

259 Reference blb.xml Blue Letter Bible Search for bible verses, strongs number, etc
/concordance - Search for words
/strongs - Show Strong's Numbers
blb John 3:16
blb John 3
blb John
blb /c trumpets
blb /c /s lov* 5368

260 Reference bq.xml Bartlett's Familiar Quotations Search Bartlett's Familiar Quotations at The Literature Network.
/author:<author> - Limit to works by the specified author
/work:<work> - Limit to works with the specified title
bq truths to be self-evident
bq /author:twain
bq /work:declaration

261 Reference brit.xml Encyclopedia Britannica Search Encylopedia Britannica.
/all - All Britannica.com
/eb - Encyclopedia Britannica
/bse - Britannica Student Encyclopedia
/bce - Britannica Concise Encyclopedia
/web - Websites
/vm - Video and Media
/mag - Magazines
/dict - Dictionary
/thes - Thesaurus
brit tuba

262 Reference cdo.xml Cambridge Dictionaries Online Search for British English word definitions.
cdo lexical

263 Reference chmoog.xml Chmoogle Chemical name and suppliers search
chmoog glucose
chmoog nitroglycerine

264 Reference ciseek.xml CIseek Competitive Intelligence Resource Index - A search engine and listing of sites-by-category for finding CI resources.
ciseek act
ciseek microsoft

265 Reference cjfr.xml French verbs conjugation Get the conjugation for a french verb.
cjfr <verb> [/1] [/2]
/1 - use web reference 1. Also gives useful notes (default).
/2 - use web reference 2. Quite roughly presented, but exhaustive, results.
cjfr vouloir /1 /2

266 Reference df.xml DictService from Aonaware Search for word definitions. Recommended it is used with ":|df" in localaliases.txt, so that "word:" brings up its definition.
df idempotent

267 Reference dic.xml Dictionary.com Search for English word definitions.
dic lexical

268 Reference dicfr.xml French dictionnary Search Orthonet's french lexicon
269 Reference dicit.xml Dizionario italiano Garzanti e inglese-italiano Hazon Ricerca una parola italiana nel Garzanti oppure ricerca nell'Hazon la sua traduzione in inglese/italiano
Per la traduzione (bisogna prima registrarsi):
dicit /it WORD - da inglese a italiano
dicit /en PAROLA - da italiano a inglese
dicit capo
dicit /en capo
dicit /it boss
Per registrarsi:
Ci si registra gratis sul sito (dicit). Per tutte le ricerche è meglio riutilizzare la stessa finestra del browser, altrimenti la login verrà richiesta per ogni nuova ricerca che la comporti.
270 Reference e2.xml everything2 Search across many different reference sources.
e2 whatever

271 Reference egw.xml Ellen G. White's Writings Search Ellen G. White's writings
egw fireproof buildings new york

272 Reference enc.xml Encyclopedia.com Search for encyclopedic articles at Encyclopedia.com.
enc alphabet

273 Reference encarta.xml Encarta Online Deluxe Search Search Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia
/encyclopedia (default) - Search Encyclopedia
/dictionary - Search dictionary
encarta tuscany

274 Reference findlaw.xml FindLaw Law Library Search FindLaw's Law Library. Options include Dictionary /dictionary, Author /author, Title /title, Abstract /abstract, and Full Text which is the default.
findlaw adoption

275 Reference folkmed.xml Folk Medicine Online archive of american folk medicine
/and - must match all these words (and)
/or - may match any of these words (or)
/10 - 10 results
/20 - 20 results
/30 - 30 results
/50 - 50 results
/all - all results
folkmed garlic /all
folkmed cigar smoke /and

276 Reference freetrans.xml FreeTranslation.com Language Translation Translate text or webpages from one language to another.
/from:en/to:fr - English to French
/from:en/to:de - English to German
/from:en/to:it - English to Italian
/from:en/to:pt - English to Portuguese
/from:en/to:es - English to Spanish
/from:en/to:no - English to Norwegian
/from:fr/to:en - French to English
/from:de/to:en - German to English
/from:it/to:en - Italian to English
/from:pt/to:en - Portuguese to English
/from:es/to:en - Spanish to English
freetrans /from:en /to:es hello how are you
freetrans /from:en /to:es http://www.whitehouse.gov

277 Reference googletrans.xml Google.com Language Translation Translate text or webpages from one language to another.
/from:en/to:de - English to German
/from:en/to:es - English to Spanish
/from:en/to:fr - English to French
/from:en/to:it - English to Italian
/from:en/to:pt - English to Portuguese
/from:de/to:en - German to English
/from:de/to:fr - German to French
/from:es/to:en - Spanish to English
/from:es/to:fr - Spanish to French
/from:fr/to:en - French to English
/from:fr/to:de - French to German
/from:fr/to:es - French to Spanish
/from:it/to:en - Italian to English
/from:pt/to:en - Portuguese to English
googletrans /from:en /to:es hello how are you
googletrans /from:en /to:es http://www.whitehouse.gov

278 Reference gos.xml Gospelcom Search Gospelcom.net
gos devotions
gos absolute truth

279 Reference gt.xml Ultimate Guitar Tabs Archive Search ultimate-guitar.com for guitar tabs

280 Reference horizonview.xml Horizon View The view of the horizon sky from a given location, date, and time. The viewing direction (azimuth) may be set to compass points or a set number of degrees.
/latitude - degrees, minutes, seconds
/longitude - or decimal form
/north|south - latitude direction
/east|west - longitude direction
/city|location - A nearby city, instead of lat/lon
- north|northeast|east|southeast|
- south|southwest|west|northwest
/field|view:degrees - field of view
/date|universal - date/time in universal format
/julian - date/time in Julian format
/image|size - Image width/height in pixels
horizonview 90 0
- at the south pole
horizonview /lat:21d18m21s /north /lon:157d51m36s /west /direction:southwest
- Hololulu, Hawaii
horizonview /city:Paris /date:[2000-01-01,1:00:00]
- Paris at the turn of the century
horizonview /color:night /size:1024
- large, red (night vision) map

281 Reference hsw.xml How Stuff Works.com Search How Stuff Works.
hsw jet engines

282 Reference iep.xml Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Search
iep socrates

283 Reference lipsum.xml Lorem Ipsum Generator Generate Loren Ipsum text
[count] - Number of paragraphs or lists to generate - default is 1.
/paragraphs - [default] Generate paragraphs
/lists - Generate list groups
/random - Don't start with the standard "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..."
lipsum /lists
lipsum 10 /ran
lipsum 3 /lists

284 Reference loc.xml Library of Congress 'Thomas' bill lookup Search the Thomas LOC bill register.
/session [current] Session to search
/senate - Search Senate bills
/house default Search House of Representatives bills
/bill - Bill number
loc 2357

285 Reference mag.xml Newspapers & Magazines Search online library of periodicals, journals, and reference books.
mag <name>
mag van morrison

286 Reference mathref.xml Mathworld Search Mathworld.com
mathref prime

287 Reference md.xml WebMD Search the WebMD medical news site.
md cold

288 Reference moonview.xml Moon Viewer View the Moon from Earth, the Sun, a named location, a given latitude and longitude, or your house. See the moon on the night side, as a map, or in blue/white albedo. Use /popup mode to display the image in a popup window. Add your latitude/longitude coordinates to localprefs.js (user_lat, user_lon) to use that location with /me.
/latitude - degrees, minutes, seconds
/longitude - or decimal form
/north|south - latitude direction
/east|west - longitude direction
/altitude - in kilometers
/from:Earth|Sun|night_side - defaults to Earth
/map - as a rectangular map
/topography|albedo - defaults to topography
/date|universal:[date,time] - date/time in universal format; defaults to now
/julian:number - date/time in Julian format
/image|size - Image width/height in pixels
/no_night - Always looks "full"
/city|location - A nearby city, instead of lat/lon
/quick|me - Use my coordinates or zip code from localprefs.js.
/popup - Just the image in its own popup window.
moonview 90 0
- at the south pole, right now
moonview /lat:21d18m21s /north /lon:157d51m36s /west
- Hololulu, Hawaii
moonview /city:Paris /date:[2000-01-01,00:00:00]
- Paris at the turn of the century
moonview /size:1024 /albedo
- large blue/white image
moonview /me /popup
- view from your location (if you set it!) in a popup

289 Reference mwd.xml Merriam-Webster Dictionary Search for word definitions.
/popup - Display in popup window instead of regular browser window
mwd idempotent
mwd /p idempotent

290 Reference mwt.xml Merriam-Webster Thesaurus Search for synonyms.
mwt boggle

291 Reference nge.xml New Georgia Encyclopedia Everything about the state of Georgia, USA
nge Stone Mountain
nge Martin Luther King
nge Atlanta Braves
nge Georgia Tech

292 Reference npdr.xml Nurses' PDR Search www.nursespdr.com database for drug information.
/and - Match all terms
/or - Match any terms
npdr aluminum sulfate /and
npdr aluminum sulfate /or
npdr fentanyl

293 Reference ns.xml New Scientist Search NewScientist.com
ns jesus

294 Reference nup.xml Nupedia Nupedia is a new online, peer-reviewed, international encyclopedia. It is searchable and will also be organized hierarchically and alphabetically.
nup ivory

295 Reference olk.xml Onelook Search dictionary web sites for words and phrases. Finds definitions by default.
/def - Find definitions
/trans - Find translations
/all - Search all dictionaries

296 Reference pmid.xml PubMed Search the PubMed journals database
pmid 12429004 for a PMID reference
pmid Reeves Ginifer for a name search
pmid transdermal intravenous fentanyl for a keyword search

297 Reference queue.xml Queue Interface with Queue (requires Queue account and login w/cookies)
/search - Search your Queue Data Stores
/add - Add an Entry to a Queue Data Store
/push - Push a page to your personal Queue
/pop - Pop a page from your personal Queue
/task - Create a new task for your personal Queue
que /search Taliban
que /add Beth 455-4564
que /push http://www.google.com/
que /pop
que /task Pick up clothes from dry cleaner

298 Reference quot.xml Bartleby.com Search several sources for familiar quotations.
quot penny

299 Reference revdic.xml OneLook Reverse Dictionary Find a word by describing a concept.
revdic afraid of heights

300 Reference rz.xml RhymeZone RhymeZone is an online tool that aspires to be the best and fastest way for writers to find words.
/rhymes - Rhymes (default)
/antonyms - Antonyms
/consonants - Match consonants only
/definition - Definition
/homophones - Homophones
/phrases - Phrases
/quotations - Quotations
/related - Related
/shakespeare - Search in Shakespeare
/sound_similar - Similar sounding words
/spelling_similar - Similar spellings
/synonyms - Synonyms

301 Reference scribd.xml Search Scribd Search Scribd document titles
scribd hibernate

302 Reference sd.xml Slashdot Search Slashdot
sd linux

303 Reference sep.xml Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Search Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
sep socrates

304 Reference skymap.xml Sky Map The sky map shows the entire sky as viewed from a given location, date, and time.
/latitude - degrees, minutes, seconds
/longitude - or decimal form
/north|south - latitude direction
/east|west - longitude direction
/city|location - A nearby city, instead of lat/lon
/date|universal - date/time in universal format
/julian - date/time in Julian format
/image|size - Image width/height in pixels
skymap 90 0
- at the south pole
skymap /lat:21d18m21s /north /lon:157d51m36s /west
- Hololulu, Hawaii
skymap /city:Paris /date:[2000-01-01,1:00:00]
- Paris at the turn of the century
skymap /color:night /size:1024
- large, red (night vision) map

305 Reference sl.xml StudyLight.org Search StudyLight.org bibles and lexicons
Bible versions:
/asv [default] - American Standard Version
/bbe - The Bible in Basic English
/cev - Contemporary English Version
/dby - The Darby Translation
/erv - Easy-to-Read Version
/gnt - Good News Translation
/gwd - GOD'S WORD Translation
/hcs - Christian Standard Bible
/hnv - Hebrew Names Version
/isv - International Standard Version
/jps - JPS Old Testament (1917)
/kjv - King James Version
/nas - New American Standard
/nkj - New King James Version
/nlt - New Living Translation
/nrs - New Revised Standard
/nsn - NAS with Strong's Numbers
/reb - The Emphasized Bible
/rhe - Douay-Rheims Bible
/rsv - Revised Standard Version
/str - KJV with Strong's Numbers
/tmb - Third Millennium Bible
/tyn - Tyndale New Testament (1525)
/wbt - The Webster Bible
/web - World English Bible
/wnt - Weymouth New Testament
/wyc - The Wycliffe Bible (1395)
/ylt - Young's Literal Translation
/vul - The Latin Vulgate (425)
/greek - New Testament Greek Lexicon
/hebrew - Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon
sl jn 3:16
sl matt 24 /str
sl acknowledge him
sl /greek trumpet
sl /greek 4536
sl /hebrew Sabbath
sl /hebrew 7673

306 Reference synfr.xml French synonyms Get synonyms for a french word, with a very handy visual chart.
synfr maison

307 Reference tfd.xml The Free Dictionary
/word_article - Word / Article
/starts_with - Starts with
/ends_with - Ends with
/text - Text

308 Reference ths.xml Thesaurus.com Search for synonyms
ths frothy

309 Reference ukdial.xml UK Phone Code Locator Find the geographical location of any UK phone number
ukdial 01423
ukdial 01423 507500

310 Reference ul.xml Snopes.com Urban Legends Search for urban legends, email hoaxes, rumours, etc, at Snopes.com.
ul flashing headlights

311 Reference virtel.xml Virtual Telescope A star map for a given time, date, and aiming point (celestial coordinates). You can also aim at a named planet, star, constellation, or other object in the sky.
/right_ascension|ascension|longitude - hours, minutes, seconds or decimal degrees
/declination|latitude - degrees, minutes, seconds or decimal degrees
/field|view|fov:degrees - field of view
/date|universal:[date,time] - date/time in universal format
/julian:number - date/time in Julian format
/image|size - Image width/height in pixels
/aim_at:name - Aim at first matching object name
/deep_sky:name - Deep sky objects, like galaxies and nebulae
/nonstellar|messier:name - The M# non-stellar objects
virtel 0 90 45
- pointed at Polaris, which is due North
virtel /right:6h45m9.6s /dec:-16d42m34s /fov:20d
- Sirius, the dog star
virtel /right:14h24m /dec:-10d30m /date:[2000-01-01,00:00:00]
- the Moon at the turn of the century
virtel /const:cass /color:night /size:1024
- large, red (night vision) map of constellation Cassiopeia
virtel /aim:halley /color:color
- color map of Halley's Comet

312 Reference wc.xml World Clock Get the time around the world.
wc Pittsburgh
wc PA
wc Pennsylvania
wc Paris

313 Reference wf.xml Watchman Fellowship Watchman Fellowship is an independent Christian research and apologetics ministry focusing on new religious movements, cults, the occult and the New Age.
wf Swedenborgianism
wf New Church
wf New Jerusalem

314 Reference wfb.xml World Fact Book Search the CIA's world fact book. Uses Google.
wfb somalia

315 Reference wik.xml Wikipedia An open encylopedia based upon visitor contributions.
Language edition:
Display the wikipedia edition in...
/language:en - english (default)
/language:de - german
/language:ja - japanese
/language:fr - french
/language:nl - dutch
/language:es - spanish
and many more... see meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Complete_list_of_language_Wikipedias_available
wik earth
wik terre /language:fr

316 Reference wikdic.xml Wiktionary An open dictionary based upon visitor contributions.
Language edition:
Display the wiktionary edition in...
/language:en - english (default)
/language:de - german
/language:ja - japanese
/language:fr - french
/language:nl - dutch
/language:es - spanish
and many more... see meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Complete_list_of_language_Wikipedias_available
wikdic chair
wikdic chaise /language:fr

317 Reference wiks.xml Wikiseek WikiSeek is a search engine that has indexed only Wikipedia sites, plus
318 Reference wn.xml Web WordNet 1.7.1 WordNet: A lexical database for the English language
WordNet is an online lexical reference system whose design is inspired by current psycholinguistic theories of human lexical memory.
English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept. Different relations link the synonym sets.
WordNet was developed by the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University.
wn rule

319 Reference wordiq.xml Word iQ A combined search of multiple references and sources including the encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, the web, eBooks, and even dream interpretation.
/encyclopedia - (default) WordIQ's own cross-linked encyclopedia
/dictionary - multiple English- and topic-based dictionaries
/thesaurus - WordIQ's thesaurus, plus others
/web - No search engine credits, but good results
/books|ebooks - eBooks by title, author, and subject. Read the text online.
/dreams - WordIQ's dream elements and meanings
wordiq snogging /t
wordiq kiss /dic
wordiq kissing /web
wordiq kissing /dreams
wordiq Kissing number problem /enc
wordiq shakespeare /books

320 Reference xref.xml Xrefer Reference Searches dozens of reference titles
xref venice

321 Search the Web a9.xml A9 - The Amazon.com Search Use A9 to search the web and "Search Inside the Book™" on Amazon.com or within A9 mapping services. Includes helpful search history features.
a9 windows crash
a9 95383 /map
a9 sacramento, ca /map

322 Search the Web aj.xml Ask Jeeves - Ask.com Jeeves answers questions written in the common question format.
aj Why is the sky blue

323 Search the Web archi.xml Way Back Machine Look into the extensive incremental archives of the internet. Some date back to 1998.
archi <topic>
archi voip

324 Search the Web av.xml AltaVista Search with AltaVista.com.
av digital

325 Search the Web blingo.xml Blingo Search the web using the Google search engine and maybe win something just for searching.
/web - Search the web
/images - Images
/news - News - not implimented by Blingo, yet.
blingo dqsd
blingo dog /images

326 Search the Web bomis.xml Bomis Search through Bomis.com Internet rings.
bomis firewalls

327 Search the Web brainb.xml BrainBoost BrainBoost answer engine, powered by Answers.com
brainb who was the third person to set foot on the moon?
brainb How were the moon landings faked?

328 Search the Web clusty.xml Clusty the clustering engine
329 Search the Web cty.xml city-data.com Find all you would ever want to know about a city.
cty Jacksonville, FL
cty Jacksonville FL
cty Jacksonville Florida

330 Search the Web daypop.xml Daypop A current events/weblog/news search engine. Searches News & Weblogs by default.
/news - Search News only.
/weblogs - Search Weblogs only.
/headlines - Search RSS Headlines only.
daypop quick search
daypop Mars /news

331 Search the Web dblt.xml DoubleTrust DoubleTrust is based on the simple premise that trusting two authorities is better than one. You want better search results, but don't want to use the top two search engines separately. DoubleTrust solves the problem for you.
/google - I really really trust Google
/gy - I trust Google more
/eq (default) I trust them equally
/yg - I trust Yahoo more
/yahoo - Yahoo is the best
/compact - Compact Results
dblt french fries
dblt mathematical formulae /google
dblt peeps /yahoo

332 Search the Web dlc.xml Del.icio.us Search Search Del.icio.us
/about - Learn about Del.icio.us
/all - Searches all users
/bookmarks - Goto your bookmarks
/blog - Goto the Del.icio.us blog
/for - Tagged for you
/help - Help
/inbox - Goto your inbox
/login - Login
/logout - Logout
/network - Goto your network or specify another network
/popular {tag} - Show most popular items for a particular tag (tag is optional)
/post - Post a url
/recent - Goto recent additions to Del.icio.us
/search - Searches your bookmarks
/settings - Goto your settings
/tag {tag} - Show items for a particular tag (tag is optional)
/url {url} - See how other del.icio.us users have tagged a particular {url}
dlc javascript
dlc /p javascript
dlc_user - Set your username in preferences

333 Search the Web dp.xml Dogpile Parallel search via the popular Dogpile metasearch.
dp travel

334 Search the Web ex.xml Excite Search using Excite.
ex cable modems

335 Search the Web fl.xml Flickr search Search Flickr, one of the best photo sharing websites.
/relevant (default)|recent| interesting - view the most relevant / recent / interesting photos
/text (default)|tags - search in full text / tags only
fl boat
fl sunset /int
fl parry arc /int /t

336 Search the Web fs.xml FindSounds sound files Search the Web for sounds
fs homer simpson
fs whale song

337 Search the Web fst.xml FAST Search the frequently-rebuilt AllTheWeb FAST index.
fst jeep

338 Search the Web gg.xml Google Google is reputed to be the web's fastest and most versatile search engine.
/ifl - "I'm Feeling Lucky": Go directly to Google's top-ranked result.
/advanced - Use the Google Advanced Search page.
/groups - Search Google's newsgroup archive.
/directory - Search Google's copy of the DMOZ open directory.
/images - Search for images.
/news - Search for news (warning : still in beta, .com/english only).
/froogle - Find products for sale online(warning : still in beta, .com/english only).
/glossary - Find definitions for words, phrases and acronyms(warning : still in beta, .com/english only).
/define - Find Google's own definitions for words, phrases and acronyms(warning : english only).
/since:days - Search pages based on when they were indexed. Use either a number to specify when, or
/since:t - indexed today
/since:y - indexed yesterday
/since:w - indexed in the last 7 days
/since:m - indexed in the last 30 days
/cache - Given a URL, loads Google's cached copy of the web page.
/related - Given a URL, finds other sites closely related.
/link - Given a URL, finds other sites that link to it.
/video - Search recent TV programs online.
/maps - Search for maps, directions, or businesses.
/local - Limits search results to the specified locale.
/canada - Use the localized canadian version of Google.
/deutschland - Use the localized german version of Google.
/france - Use the localized french version of Google.
/italia - Use the localized italian version of Google.
/uk - Use the localized United Kingdom version of Google.
Display Google tips and messages in...
/language:de - german
/language:es - spanish
/language:fr - french
/language:it - italian
and many more... see www.google.com/help/customize.html#displang
gg dqsd /images
gg tony blair /uk /directory
gg /froogle cd clock radio
gg /glossary wrt
gg /define wrt
gg /video "search engine"
gg /maps hotels near lax

339 Search the Web ggd.xml Google Desktop Search Search Google Desktop Search from DQSD

Since this search requires access to a 'google desktop key' that is unique to your installation, you must first set a variable within your localprefs.js file as so:

ggd_GoogleKey = "123456789";
If you do not have this variable setup in your localprefs.js file it will direct you to a page on my site that will help you determine what your Google Desktop Key is. Please remember to reload DQSD (!) after changing variables or settings in localprefs.js!

As with any other search that relies upon other services or applications, you must have the related application/service installed. Please ensure you actually have Google Desktop Search installed and running before requesting assistance.

[term] Search Google Desktop on [term]. Hints: may include:
  • -[avoid_this_term]
  • from:[mail_sender] (/email implied)
  • to:[mail_recipient] (/email implied)
  • under:"[path_to_search]" (/files implied)
/emails - Search in MS Outlook emails.
/files - Search in files. See the /type switch below.
/type:[ext1]|[ext2]|... - Search files with the extension [ext1] or [ext2] or... (/files implied)
/web_history - Search in web history.
/chats - Search in Chats.
Search in MS Outlook items:
/appointments - Search in MS Outlook appointments.
/contacts - Search in MS Outlook contacts.
/journal - Search in MS Outlook journal.
/notes - Search in MS Outlook notes.
/tasks - Search in MS Outlook tasks.
ggd dqsd search
ggd asp design
ggd john doe /contacts

340 Search the Web ggl.xml Google Local Search Search Google Local - if /where is not specified it tries to use the following preferences in this order user_zip, then user_city and user_state
/where - zipcode or city, state combination
ggl /w:90210 mcdonalds
ggl watch repair

341 Search the Web gmane.xml gmane.org Search gmane.org's archive of mailing lists and newsgroups
[/email] - Author e-mail
[/group] - Group name
gmane /group:wtl Internet Explorer

342 Search the Web hb.xml HotBot Search FAST, Google, Inktomi, or Teoma on HotBot.
/fst - FAST - AllTheWeb's search engine.
/gg - Google search engine.
/ink - Inktomi search engine (HotBot default).
/tm - Teoma search using Subject Specific Popularity.
hb jeep

343 Search the Web ix.xml Ixquick Search the Ixquick metasearch engine
ix lions

344 Search the Web ly.xml Lycos Search Search the web with Lycos Search
/w - Web Tab
/n - News Tab
/s - Shopping Tab
ly jeep
ly sars /n

345 Search the Web mindset.xml Yahoo Mindset Yahoo Mindset 'Intent-driven search'
mindset support groups
mindset star trek voyager

346 Search the Web msns.xml MSN Search MSN Search
/web - Search the web
/news - Search news articles
/images - Search for images
/local - Search local information
/word - Define a word
/encarta - Search Encarta
/stock - Stock quotes
/movies - Find movies
/shopping - Shopping
/music - Music
msns local support groups
msns goog /stock
msns iraq /news

347 Search the Web multi.xml MultiSearch Perform multiple searches with a single command line expression.
superMultiModeEnabled can be set to true in localprefs.js to enable super multi mode which allows different sets of searches to be done (ie: multi search1 /firstParam; search2 search3 /secondParam)
superMultiModeSepChar can be set to a character in localprefs.js to determine the split character for the super multi mode the default value is ;
multi <search1> [<search2> [...]] <term>
multi av gg wood planes - Display the search results for wood planes on altavista and google.
multi fm;sf hs /new - Display the new projects and files on freshmeat, sourceforge, and hotscripts provided superMultiModeEnabled is set to true in localprefs.js.

348 Search the Web nb.xml NicheBot NicheBOT - Find what people are searching for based on your keywords
/count - Specify the number of google results to look in (default: 100 - can also be specified in localprefs.js - see Preferences)
/domain - Perform a Google keyword ranking for a given domain
nb search toolbar
nb /d:dqsd.net search toolbar
nb /c:1000 /d:dqsd.net search toolbar
Preferences: (define in localprefs.js)
nbCount (Integer: default is 100) - specify the number of google results to look in

349 Search the Web om.xml Omgili Search through web-based discussion forums
350 Search the Web randomsearch.xml Random Search Choses a random line item from the given file (second argument) and uses the given search function (first argument) to look it up. Ideal for a word of the day lookup tool.
randomsearch <function> <filename>
randomsearch dic /searches/randomsearch.txt - Uses the "dic" function to look up a random word from the list.

351 Search the Web rss.xml Feedster Searches syndicated RSS content feeds from sites and blogs.
rss userland

352 Search the Web seedler.xml Seedler Search Seedler.org - The BitTorrent Source
query [default] Query term to search for
seedler tv
seedler batman

353 Search the Web sr.xml Sports Reference Search Search for sports personalities using sports-reference.com and associated sites, along with Google for direct player searches.
[/sports] - Search all using search.sports-reference.com
/baseball - Search baseball-reference.com
/football - Search pro-football-reference.com
/basketball - Search basketball-reference.com
/books - Search baseballbooks.net
/mlb_player - Go directly to MLB (mlb.com) player page
/nfl_player - Go directly to NFL (nfl.com) player page
/nba_player - Go directly to NBA (nba.com) player page
sr Joe Frazier
sr Albert Pujols /base
sr Albert Pujols /mlb
sr Magic Johnson /bask
sr Shaquille /nba
sr Christian Okoye /f
sr Priest Holmes /nfl
sr Stan Musial /book

354 Search the Web sw.xml SurfWax Delivers results from a broad range of sources including the visible and invisible Web, newsfeeds, and intranets.
sw horses

355 Search the Web tm.xml Teoma Search Teoma search using Subject Specific Popularity
tm denali

356 Search the Web tn.xml Technorati.com Search Search Technorati.com for blog entries
/about - Learn about Technorati.com
/help - Goto Technorati.com help
/popular {books|blogs|movies|news} - Show most popular items for a particular category
/tag - Search for blog entries with a specified tag
tn javascript
tn /t javascript
tn /p books

357 Search the Web tr.xml Thomas Register Search ThomasRegister.com - the most comprehensive online resource for finding companies and products manufactured in North America
/product - Search for products
/service - Search for services
/company - Search for companies
/brand - Search for brands

358 Search the Web twe.xml Twingine Search both Yahoo and Google (renamed Twingine).
twe modem drivers
twe flowers

359 Search the Web twit.xml Summize - search twitter
twit grails

360 Search the Web viv.xml Vivisimo Search Vivisimo. Options include Top News /tn, Business News /tb, Tech News /tt, Sports News /ts, /yaa, /ebay, /yas, /pubmed, /usgov, /patent, /gorp, /buscom, /brit, /yahoo, /msn, /fast, /netscape, /od, /excite, /dh, /ls, /aj, /lycos, /aol, /hb, /cnn, /nyt, /yn, /wn, /bbc, /sfg, /cnnfn, /ybn, /wired, /ytn, /ysn.
viv president /cnn

361 Search the Web whitl.xml WhittleBit Search, and rate the results.
whitl <topic>
whitl dean kamen

362 Search the Web yb.xml yubnub.org Search via yubnub.org
363 Search the Web yg.xml Yahoo Groups Search Yahoo groups for messages or members.
/messages:string - Search group for messages
/members:name - Search group for member names
/mygroups - Goto My Groups page
/number:message_number - Go directly to a message number
yg wtl /num:610
yg dqsdd /mes:localpreferences
yg dqsdd /mem:carr

364 Search the Web yh.xml Yahoo Search the Yahoo directory
/directory - Search Yahoo Directory
/images - Search Yahoo Images
/news - Search Yahoo News
/number - number of results per page
/products - Search Yahoo Products
yh horses

365 Search the Web yoto.xml Yotophoto.com Search for copylefted images at yotophoto
/all Include all search terms
/any Limit by any search terms
/exclude terms Exclude these terms from result
/cc Include images under the Creative Commons (CC) license
/cl /gnu /fdl Include images under the GNU FDL (CL) license
/pd /public Include images within the Public Domain (PD)
/ss /site Include images under a Site specific (SS) license
/-cc Exclude images under the Creative Commons (CC) license
/-cl /-gnu /-fdl Exclude images under the GNU FDL (CL) license
/-pd /-public Exclude images within the Public Domain (PD)
/-ss /-site Exclude images under a Site specific (SS) license
/0 Any image size
/500 Images >500px
/1000 Images >1000px
/1500 Images >1500px
/2000 Images >2000px
/landscape /horizontal Landscape images
/portrait /vertical Portrait images
/square Square images
/color hex-color-code Require this color
yoto butterfly
yoto butterfly /pd
yoto butterfly /-ss
yoto /color:ddff00
yoto butterfly /exclude:tree
yoto soccer /portrait /-pd /1500

366 Search the Web yvsg.xml Yahoo vs Google Compare the results of the Yahoo and Google search engines.
yvsg homeschool support groups
yvsg freefalling

367 Search isohunt.xml isoHunt.com
isohunt [search]

368 Shipping abex.xml Track Airborne Express Packages Track Airborne Express packages by tracking number (up to 25):
abex [tracking #1] [tracking #2]

369 Shipping dhl.xml Track DHL Packages Track DHL packages by Airwaybill numbers (up to 10)
dhl [tracking #1] [tracking #2] dhl /uk:tracking #1

370 Shipping fedex.xml Track FedEx Packages Track multiple FedEx packages using tracking numbers.
fedex <number1>[, <number2>[,...]]
fedex 40012345678, 40012345679

371 Shipping ups.xml Track UPS Packages Track UPS packages by tracking number (up to 20):
ups [tracking#1], [tracking#2]

372 Shipping usps.xml Track USPS Packages Track a single USPS package using a tracking number.
usps 9101067404020161318246

373 Shopping abe.xml abe Search for used books at abebooks.com
/author - Search for author's name
/title - Search for book's title
/keywords - Search by keywords (most general search)
/location - Restrict results to a geographical location (three-letter ISO country code, or 2-letter US-state code)
/uk - Restrict results to books in the United Kingdom (shortcut for "/location gbr")
/tweak - Don't go to results - go to the Advanced Search page to tweak the search options
Use spaces to separate switches from their their values. Do NOT use a colon. It works like this so you can specify multi-word names and titles. For example:
    use abe /a adams /t guide galaxy
    NOT abe /a:adams /t:guide galaxy
The default ("reading copy") search options are as follows (if you want a different search type, use /tweak):
Sort by lowest price, any location, any binding, any edition, don't care about it being signed, don't care about dustjacket, no minimum price, no maximum price, 50 results per page, Boolean searching off
abe /author heidegger /title "being and time"
abe /a adams /t guide galaxy /uk
abe /k blacksmithing /a andrews /l or
abe /a levinas /l fra /tw

374 Shopping amaz.xml amazon.com Search specific stores on amazon.com. Searches all stores by default.
/arts - Arts and Hobbies
/auctions - Auctions
/baby - Baby Products
/books - Books
/cars - Car Parts
/cellular - Cellular Phones
/classical - Classical Music
/computers - PC Hardware
/domain:extension - Search in specific country by domain-extension. Possible values: com de uk jp ca fr (com is the default)
/dvd - DVDs
/electronics - Electronics
/games - Video Games
/garden - Outdoor Living
/home - Home Furnishings
/industrial - Indust. Supplies
/kitchen - Kitchen
/lifestyle - Lifestyle
/magazines - Magazines
/medical - Med. Supplies
/movies - Local Movie Showtimes
/mp3 - Music Downloads
/music - Popular Music
/outlet - Outlet
/pets - Pet Toys
/photography - Camera & Photography
/referral - Build associate referral link
/restaurants - Restaurants
/scientific - Sci. Supplies
/software - PC Software
/tools - Tools & Hardware
/toys - Toys
/travel - Travel
/vhs - VHS Tapes
/zshops - zShops
amaz moxy fruvous /music
amaz harry potter /books

375 Shopping ay2z.xml aytozon aytozon is a mashup for shopping eBay and Amazon simultaneously.
ay2z psp
ay2z piers anthony

376 Shopping bb.xml BestBuy Search BestBuy
/all default Entire site
/computers /pc /hw - Computers and peripherals
/phone - Telephone and communications
/electronics /elec - Electronics
/photo /camera /video - Photography, Cameras and Video
/soho /office - Office Products
/appliances /appl /home - Home Appliances
/music /audio - Music
/album /albums - Music by Album
/artist /artists - Music by Artist
/movie /movies - Movies
/title - Movies by Title
/person /actor - Movies by Person/Actor
/software /soft - Software
/games /g - Video Games
/resources /res - Resources
bb john lennon /artist
bb 35mm /photo
bb 3200c /pc
bb return policy
bb lord of the rings /movie
bb 3d /games

377 Shopping becom.xml Become Be Smart. Be Thrifty. Just Be. Become is a nifty little AJAX search engine that can return potential values as you type. This search will open the results page. Set focus to the end of your search term and fine-tune the results in real time.
/research -
/shop -
becom psp
becom mac osx /research
becom windows /shop

378 Shopping cantire.xml Canadian Tire Search the online Canadian Tire catalogue.
cantire tires

379 Shopping chap.xml Chapters Search books, videos, DVDs at Chapters.Indigo.ca. Switches:
/Books - Books
/Video - VHS Videos
/Gifts - Gifts
chap ender's game
chap the matrix /dvd

380 Shopping cheapcd.xml cheap-cds.com Buy Cheap CDs Online at Wholesale Cost, $5 under Retail.
/title - Title search (default)
/artist - Artist search
/song - Song title search
/catnum - Catalog number search
cheapcd rolling stones /artist
cheapcd out of control /song

381 Shopping cs.xml Consumer Search Search Consumer Search's meta-reviews of other reviews.
/match:all - Search pages based on type of match. Use
/match:all - all search terms
/match:any - any search terms
/match:boolean - boolean match of terms
/format - Search format to return. Use
/format:long - long form
/format:short - short form
/sort - Order of pages returned. Use
/sort:relevancy - most relevant results first
/sort:date - newest results first
/sort:title - closest title matches first
cs /sort:date mutual funds
cs washing machines /match:all /form:short
cs TV and (DVD or VCR) /match:boolean

382 Shopping dlt.xml DealTime Price Comparison Compare products, prices, and stores.
dlt Harry Potter

383 Shopping dps.xml DVDPriceSearch.com Search for the best DVD prices from several online merchants. Default search is by title.
/person - Actor/Director search
/more - Price greater than...
/less - Price less than...
/range - Price range (e.g. 5-9)
/msrp - Percent Off MSRP
dps kevin spacey /person
dps 14.99 /less

384 Shopping ebay.xml eBay Search eBay by description or by item number.
/about - View username's About Me page
/all - Search auctions by username including completed
/feedback - Display feedback on an ebay user
/items - Search items by username
/my - Open MyEbay page
/user - Search current auctions by username
ebay guitars
ebay 1503826268
ebay /ab music-brokers
ebay /all mickey
ebay /f mickey
ebay /i music-brokers
ebay /my
ebay /u mickey

385 Shopping ebayuk.xml eBay UK Search eBay.co.uk by description or by item number.
/about - View username's About Me page
/all - Search auctions by username including completed
/feedback - Display feedback on an ebay user
/items - Search items by username
/my - Open MyEbay page
/user - Search current auctions by username
ebayuk guitars
ebayuk 1503826268
ebayuk /ab music-brokers
ebayuk /all mickey
ebayuk /f mickey
ebayuk /i music-brokers
ebayuk /my
ebayuk /u mickey

386 Shopping ebuy.xml Ebuyer Search ebuyer.com
ebuy keyboard

387 Shopping ep.xml Epinions.com Search Search Epinions
ep gladiator

388 Shopping half.xml Half.com Search Half.com for products.
half chaos

389 Shopping mysimon.xml My Simon Compare products and prices using MySimon
/apparel - Apparel
/babies - Babies
/beauty /health - Beauty and Health
/books /movies /music - Books, Movies, Music
/computers - Computers
/electronics - Electronics
/flowers /gifts - Flowers and Gifts
/food /wine - Food and Wine
/home /garden - Home and Garden
/office - Office
/sports /hobbies - Sports and Hobbies
/toys - Toys and Games
/games - Video Games
mysimon Pentax Cameras
mysimon Trefethen /books

390 Shopping ostk.xml Overstock.com Search Overstock.com
/all [default] - Search all categories
/apparel - Search for Apparel items
/books - Search for Books
/computers - Search for Computer items
/electronics - Search for Electronics
/garden - Search for Garden items
/home - Search for Home items
/jewelry - Search for Jewelry
/movies - Search for Movies
/music - Search for Music items
/new - Check for new items - can be used with the rest of the parameters to limit new items to a specific category
/sports - Search for Sports items
/travel - Search for Travel items
/toys - Search for Toys
/worldstock - Search for Worldstock items
ostk /c clie - Search the Computer section for clie
ostk /c /n - Show the new items in the Computer section

391 Shopping pgrab.xml PriceGrabber Price searches, product info, vendor ratings & reviews.
/computers - Computers & parts
/software - Software
/electronics - Consumer Electronics
/videogames - Video Games
/movies - Movies
/music - Music
/books - Books
/toys - Toys
/office - Office Products
pgrab GeForce4 4400
pgrab Lord of the Rings /books

392 Shopping psi.xml PriceSCAN Price Comparison Compare prices with shipping on just about anything. Search by ISBN, model number, brand, or other keywords. Results include pricing data from web sites, magazine ads, catalogs, and vendor-provided data.
/computers - Hardware, software, & supplies
/books - Books
/digital_photo - Cameras & printers
/electronics - Consumer electronics
/health|beauty - Cosmetics, monitors, drugs, vitamins
/home|garden - Kitchen, housewares, mowers, grills
/movies - DVD, VHS
/music - CDs
/office - Calculators, copiers, faxes
/sports - Exercise & sports equipment
/toys - TToyes
/videogames - Video games
/watches - Watches by brand
psi 0898713617
psi ipod
psi robomower /garden
psi rolex /watches

393 Shopping pw.xml Price Watch Street price search for computer related items.
/motherboard - Motherboards
/cpu - CPU / Processors
/ram - Memory
/video - Video Cards
/sound - Sound Cards
/hd - Hard Drives
/cd - CD-ROM Drives
/cdrw - CD Burners
/dvd - DVD-ROM Drives
/fd - Floppy Drives
/monitor - Monitors
/case - Cases
/psu - Power Supplies
/barebones - PC Bare Bones Kits
pw Athlon XP 1900 /cpu

394 Shopping si.xml Static Ice Find lowest price in Australia for computer components
395 Shopping ubs.xml Used Books Search Search for used books. Over 45 million used books available worldwidw.
/author -
/title -
/keywords -

396 Shopping walmart.xml Wal-Mart Search Wal-Mart Online
[/all] - Entire Site (default)
walmart sanyo /electronics

397 Shopping wz.xml Wize - product rankings based on collected reviews
398 System Tools blg.xml Blogger.com Login to Blogger
blg myid
blg myotherid
An array storing a user and password profile for Blogger. You SHOULD provide the blgid() variable, however, you may also provide as many other profiles as necessary to account for your Blogger ID's. If you were to create a 'second' profile you would need only to pass the variable name on the command line:
blg otherVariable
These variables are, however, case sensitive. If the variable passed does not exist (misspelled, incorrect case...), this search will 'default' to using the blgid variable.
Sample Variables (within localprefs.js):
var bb1 = Array("me@example.com", "mypassword");
var bb2 = Array("you@example.net", "myotherpassword");
var bb3 = Array("them@example.org", "mythirdpassword");
var blgid = bb1;

399 System Tools ipcop.xml Manage IPCOP Firewall Do a whole bunch of stuff with your IPCOP firewall
/home /main IPCOP Main Console
/dial 'Connect' using the Default Device
/disconnect 'Disconnect' using the Default Device
/status View current status
/connections Edit/View Connections
/logs View Log Data
/firewall View Firewall Logs
/proxy View Proxy Logs
/idslog View Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Logs
/control /panel Primary Control Panel
/dns Edit Dynamic DNS Settings
/portfw Edit Port Forwarding Settings
/updates View Updates
/add-ons View Addons (only works if the add-on package is installed)
/time View
/passwords Edit Passwords
/ssh [1 | on | 0 | off] Enable/Disable SSH
/ids [1 | on | 0 | off] Enable/Disable Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
/backup Backup current configuration (be sure a floppy exists in the IPCOP floppy drive)
/shutdown Shut down the IPCOP firewall
/reboot Reboot the IPCOP firewall
/help /about Visit the ipcop.org website
ipcop /ids 0
ipcop /reboot
ipcop /dis
ipcop /dial
ipcop /dns

400 Travel curr.xml Currency Conversion Convert from one currency to another using the Universal Currency Converter.
curr /from:<curr1> /to:<curr2> <amount>
curr /from:usd /to:gbp 100

401 Travel dir.xml Driving Directions Get Driving directions from one place to another
dir [street,] city, state [to [street,] city, state]
dir New York,NY
dir Laconia, NH to Bristol, CT
dir 1200 Pensylvania Ave, Washington, DC to 1 Duvall St, Key West, FL

402 Travel expd.xml expedia.com Find the lowest roundtrip fares published by the airlines and when they are available.

The easiest way to use this search is if you already know the airport codes for the airports from which you are traveling. In that case simply type "expd ORG DES" where ORG and DES are the airport codes of your origin and destination, respectively. If you wish to search for cities by name, seperate the cities with a semicolon; searching by city will often return several airport choices for each city. You can also use the semicolon if you know one airport code but not the other.
expd ith sea
expd new york; london
expd lhr; berlin

403 Travel fv.xml flightview.com Obtain real-time info on commercial flights. Type the two letter airline code followed by the flight number. Airline codes can be obtained from the drop down box on www.flightview.com.

Even though flightview has airline codes for airlines throughout the world, I believe they only track flights in U.S. and Canadian airspace. Also, the flight you enter must be "active" - usually this seems to mean from an hour or two before takeoff until an hour or two after landing.

Airline and Airport codes can be entered in upper or lower case.
Some common US Airline codes:
AA - American Airlines
CO - Continental Airlines
DL - Delta Airlines
B6 - Jet Blue
NW - Northwest Airlines
WN - Southwest Airlines
SX - Skybus Airlines
US - US Airways
UA - United Airlines
Common Airports (examples only):
DEN - Denver
JFK - John F Kennedy
SMF - Sacramento Metro
SLC - Salt Lake City
fv [airport]
fv [airline] [flight number]
fv [airport] [airport] [time]
fv aa 2035
fv sx 341
fv jfk
fv slc
fv jfk slc m
fv jfk slc night
fv jfk den 16

404 Travel howfar.xml How Far Is It Indio.com's How Far Is It From City to City Calculator
howfar /Pittsburgh, PA /Paris France
howfar /Pittsburgh, PA /Chicago, IL
howfar /Pittsburgh, PA
howfar Pittsburgh, PA

405 Travel ukjrny.xml UK Public transport Journey Planner UK Public transport Journey Planner
Must use one of these to indicate type of departure :
/oss - station or stop
/opc - post code
/oa - address /opl - place of interest
Must use one of these to indicate type of destination :
/dss - station or stop
/dpc - post code
/da - address /dpl - place of interest
Must Indicate travel day :
/day 0..[28,30,31]
Must Indicate travel month :
/mth 1..12
Must Indicate travel hour :
/hr 0..23
Must Indicate travel min :
/day 0..59
Indicate arrival or departure :
/arr (default)
Use today's date :
Use today's date and time :
/now [number of hours in the future]
In your LocalAliases.txt add something like :
rail|ukjrny /oss staines /dss waterloo %s
To check your journey on this route to depart :
eg. at 20:30 on 3 March, type : rail /day 3 / mth 3 / hr 29 /min 30 /dep
rail /today / hr 29 /min 30
rail /now 3 Also :
rail|ukjrny /oss staines /dss waterloo /now %s
rail 3

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